May 18, 2016

How to Eradicate Stress during Exam Time

Manohara Raju Makaraju

Exam time is the most stressful period in a student’s life. With all the worldly tasks at hand and the pressure of studies, it’s hard to stay focused. Some students require absolute silence to stay focused while the others need loud music. Some require isolation while some need to be surrounded by people for moral support.

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Manohara Raju Makaraju

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May 5, 2016

Lunch Break Reading List

Manohara Raju Makaraju

It happened so that in recent years the most attentive readers and serious audience are young people. In the process of growing up, we define for ourselves certain priorities, interests, and desires. Modern literature can no longer be called “children's books” about the first love and the problems of relations between parents and children. However, sometimes students do not have enough time to read books, because of huge amount of homework. Fortunately, many custom essay writing services could save time for reading interesting literature. The majority of novels tend to raise rather serious adult themes in books that are supposed to be read by youth. Such books can teach not only teenagers, but also all-knowing adults. People over 14 years are no longer interested in the encyclopedia and fairy tales, modern teenagers read popular books by contemporary authors, detectives, historical and adventure works of literature.

May 2, 2016

6 Major Problems of Getting a Best Job for Mechanical Engineer

Manohara Raju Makaraju

Know everything about 6 Major Problems of Getting a Best Job for Mechanical Engineer.

March 31, 2016

Ways to Enhance Student’s Participation in the Career Programs

Manohara Raju Makaraju

Education is a time of change and a doorstep to the student's future. It is a link into the student's fortune. Career is very important and students are required to participate in the different career programs. One of the top aims of students’ education is to show them way to ideal career. Obviously, students wish to become doctors, engineers, politicians, nurses, athletes and so on. It is during their academic years, students find their favorite career. The career programs that students participate during their academic years will guide them to choose a career path that goes well with their interests, skills and knowledge. As a result, there is a need to enhance students’ participation in the career programs when they are colleges and universities.

Build Career Awareness

In the present day, more and more colleges and universities used to give importance to present various career programs to students. The main intention of these career programs is to provide students clear idea about different careers and find a career that suits their talents. When students get career programs during their school, college and universities, it helps them to build career awareness. It will aid the students from making premature career choices or career preparations. Career growth is a continuing lifelong procedure but when students get a clear cut idea regarding various careers, they are able to tune their career. Therefore, career programs have to be conducted in schools and colleges.

Open To New Career Ideas

Obviously, career programs are a channel that helps the students to know about new career ideas. During the career expansion process, students will be exposed to new career ideas and possibilities. These programs actually making students well prepared to different careers and create keenness for future career planning. By means of career programs, students make images of what they wish to do and what they are essential to gain in their lives. It is also a time for the students to understand about how they can contribute to the society through their lives and professional creer. Hence, enhancing student’s participation in the career programs is huge and important. Having a career tactic is imperative because it assist you to deal with the track you would like your career to take, the job skills and knowledge you will need, and how you can get them.

Creer Development Curriculum

One of the top means available to enhance student’s participation in the career programs is implementing career development curriculum. The school authorities and teachers should focus on applying a career development curriculum so that students will be exposed to career programs every now and then. Students generally have incomplete perceptive of how school relates to work. Here comes the importance of career development curriculum as it aids the students to put up a base and build skills required in job field. Career development curriculum should give emphasize on job skills, potential careers, and future training options. Consequently, students will have self-awareness, own intrinsic motivation, construct a positive self-concept, and initiate problem solving about career options.


Effective counseling can enhance student’s participation in the career programs. Without a doubt, counseling will give a good knowledge to students about the importance of career preparation during their academic years itself. It will give students a clear notion that career planning and preparation should take place during their school and college studies. It helps them to make a career seeking plan along with gaining work experience even before they get into their preferred job. A lot of colleges present career programs that to assist students get work experience. These may take account of internships, cooperative education, job shadowing, service learning, independent study, informational interviews, and career services. Counseling will guide students to conduct some research to locate those best matched to them.


Externships can enhance student’s participation in the career programs. It can be a viaduct between looking at career options and taking a view in a real world environment. Externships may be instant or lasting in duration but it impact can be long standing.  The extern would have a given time to use up at a work environment to gaze at and gain knowledge from people in that career field. As a future employee, a college student will face unique challenges. They need to find a method to accomplish the definite requirements of the most wanted job. You have to show that you have transferable skills that include communication, troubleshooting, decision making, leadership, and problem solving in order to excel in your job. Externships can be an ideal option for the students to make sure that they have essential elements with them prior to enter into job field. Externships are generally used for the intention of learning more regarding a career field or work setting.

Real World Experience

Career programs in actual fact present real world experiences to the students. The majority of the students attend college with the intention of acquiring a degree and to achieve the skills employers look for. It is not enough for the students to get a good job. Students should pursue a job that corresponds with their skills and talents. Career programs will give you a perfect idea regarding various careers and therefore, participate in career programs offered at colleges. The largest parts of colleges put forward assistance in choosing majors, finding internships, locating employers and preparing for a job. Take advantage of the support that your colleges present you as it in fact offers a real world experience.

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March 26, 2016

Contemporary Technology Is Producing Quality Education To A Large Extent

Manohara Raju Makaraju

It’s the 21st century and the conventional classrooms are transforming into something unique through advancements in technology.Today, we have technical devices for a better learning of students. While students are becoming adept in using the latest technology for their benefit, teachers are also making the best use of gadgets to make students learn in-depth. Following are some of the ways through which advanced technology can help students perform better and eventually have a bright future!

Increased Collaboration For Group Studies And More!

Collaborating with class fellows and teachers has never been easier! Nowadays, students share their assignments and class notes through Cloud or Google Drive. It’s convenient to make groups and all the group members can easily upload and share information about their coursework and other activities. Social media groups have made it easier for students to keep a track of events and other activities in their school. They join school related groups and societies through which they are updated on regular college events. Same goes for the teachers. Nowadays teachers make different groups of each class they take and assign assignments, case studies and other information online. This way, no student can make an excuse that he wasn’t aware of the given assignment. Other than that, it helps in a better interaction as students can easily communicate with the teacher in case he wants to clear his concepts etc. There are various applications that students and teachers can download on their smartphones for a better collaboration.For instance, Google Drive lets you share multiple documents; Word, Excel sheets, Power Point presentations, etc. whoever you want to share it with. You can also control the settings as to who can only view and who can edit the uploaded documents. Other than that, it is online which means you can access it from anywhere you want.

Access To All The Information In The World At Your Fingertips

Technology has changed the way students look at information gathering. With online sources available, it has become extremely easy to collect data through various search engines and other online sources. Just typing the keywords gets thousands of results in a matter of seconds and the whole virtual library is right in front of you. The most popular search engine used is Google, where almost every student in the world searches for academic or personal information. These search engines connect students to all the data available on the internet on different websites. For research purposes, you can also look through the scholarly articles where you can find research journals online. Not only has it become easier to collect information, but this access has also increased knowledge of students to a whole new level. Since students have easy access to information, they tend to search more and thus can read as much material as they want. Students can read and store hundreds of online books, PDF files, researches, articles and what not – All this because of the swift and easy access to the internet.

Learning Made Easier Irrespective Of Your Location

Distance learning is a rather new concept, but highly appreciated and accepted by the education industry. There are hundreds and thousands of online courses, certificate, diploma and even degree programs. The world online is a much smaller place in terms of accessibility. Online learning has taken place of conventional classrooms and now you can attain degrees in your chosen area of study through home. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection and you can easily enroll yourself in online degree courses. Many reputed universities across the world offer degree and certificate programs online, so that learning is made easier for the people who cannot travel. You can get online certifications in Arts, Social Sciences, Business Management, Mathematics, Statistics, History and many others.All you have to do is register, pay a fee online and attend virtual classes. Each college has a different educational framework, but the basics remain the same.

Social Networking Assisting In A Better Academic Performance

Nowadays everyone has a social media app on their smartphones. Students can now connect with their classmates and teachers through Facebook and LinkedIn, etc. to build a connection and maintain it to grow their network. Social media gives quick information about not just your college but the entire world. Business students can join groups to keep themselves updated about what’s going in the business world or amongst the big multinational companies, for instance. You can also comment and share posts that are relevant to your course. Connecting with various groups can also give ideas for your projects and help you out in so many different ways that you haven’t thought before. Students on leave can also get information through constant contact with their class fellows through social media. LinkedIn is also a great way to enhance important contacts that can be of help in the future.Just like Facebook is more like connecting with personal contacts, LinkedIn is focused on connecting with professional contacts and network.

Technology has changed the way the world operates and it has also transformed how people look at different academic and professional approaches. With technological advancements, there are more opportunities for people to not just study but work as well. It has opened new subject areas such as graphic designing, social media, digital marketing ,etc. Students are going towards a digital world to have better future opportunities. They are even more interested in studying such disciplines because it seems quite intriguing rather than the content focused subjects. Whether it is medicine, chemistry or physics; every discipline has transformed through incorporating technology and thus creating a better world. For instance, many diseases that were not possible to cure in earlier times are now curable due to new medical machinery such as MRI scanning machines.

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An Ultimate Guide for Students to Achieve Glorious Result in Final Exam

Manohara Raju Makaraju

After completing high school with tremendous grades you have now taken admission in the top rank college to pursue your graduation.

But, to be honest, taking admission in a renowned college is one thing, but utilizing this incredible opportunity is an entirely different thing. It is because college life demands a lot of hard work and immense dedication from students.

Unfortunately, with tons of assignments, presentations and reports, students often experience difficulties in achieving their ultimate goals. And, in result they see a prominent decline to their overall academic progress.
It is a critical situation that needs to be resolved at any cost. Therefore, I have decided to share a remarkable guideline for you and all other students who desperately want to make an impactful presence in college through their shinny grades.

After following the below mentioned guidelines, I am pretty sure that you will certainly be able to attain astonishing grades in all your exams.

So, let’s get started…

Analyze the Entire Situation and Formulate an Effective Study Planner

If you haven’t studied well during the whole semester, then instead of getting worried, analyze the entire situation properly.

But, the story doesn’t merely end here.

After taking a deep look into the situation, you really need to come up with an outstanding study planner that will help you get ready for the finals.

Apart from studies, if a student wants to get some extraordinary marks, he needs to manage his time wisely. However, it is only possible with a sensible and results-driven study planner.

It is due to the reason, I would strongly advise you to grab a pen and a piece of paper to formulate a brilliant planner for getting promising marks in exam.

Library Should Be Your Primary Study Spot

If you prefer a pleasant study environment, then there is no other place better than library.  Now, you might be thinking that how you can study in library after spending a hectic day at college, right?

Well, it is pretty simple. After taking all your lectures, instead of going back to home, go to your college library and study for at least 2 hours. As this way, you will not have to study hard at home as well.

This technique will not only save your time, but will also allow you to revise all your formulas and complicated concepts in a noise free environment. Sounds great, right?

Stay Connected With  Your Course Instructors

Believe me or not, but if you are looking to secure reasonable marks, then you definitely need to stay connected with your course instructors all the time.

If somehow, you have missed any lecture, then instead of getting into any trouble, go to your teacher and request him to explain everything he has taught to the class.

It is a phenomenal approach that will also help you stay in front of your teachers in a positive way.

I know that it is something very difficult for majority of students, but when you follow this methodology, you will clearly be surprised by the end results.

If Possible, Invite Your Friends at Home for Group Study Sessions

Oh yes, if you don’t have any sort of restrictions from your parents, then I would suggest you to invite all your nerd friends at home for group study sessions.

It is a fact that students who study in groups stay more creative and productive than those who prefer studying individually. It is because when a group of students sit together to accomplish a similar goal, everyone gives his hundred percent effort.

Just because of this particular reason, if you are comfortable studying in a group, then invite your friends and see the difference in your academic results.

Plot a Couple of Short Intervals Between Your Study Hours

If you are trying to treat yourself as a robot, then you are absolutely implementing a wrong approach. Remember, your mind can’t produce the expected outcomes if you are not providing it a sufficient amount of rest.

For this, I would advise you to take a couple of short intervals between your long-lasting study sessions. As this way, you will feel a lot more energized and focused toward studies.

And, in order to utilize these short intervals, you can listen to your favorite songs or play some problem solving games to refresh your mind.

It is a simple and proven tactic that always works for all levels of students.

Go For a Morning Walk to Rejuvenate Your Mind

If waking up early is not a big issue for you, then it is a perfect time to make the most out of this habit. You can utilize the morning time by training your mind and body for rest of the day.

It is an awesome practice that will rejuvenate your mind and will make you able to deal with any sort of challenge in a day.

Luckily, if you are living near to park, then it is a plus point for you. You can go to park every morning for a walk to unlock the blocked circuits of your brain under a cool and refreshing atmosphere.

Try this out. I am sure that you will feel more passionate and motivated to achieve your ultimate goal.

Spend Quality Time With Your Family

Apart from studying days and nights, it is important for you to spend some quality time with your family, especially during the exam days.

I believe that family is the most vital source that can help you stay motivated for any sort of situation and challenge. Therefore, give priority to those people who actually care for you.

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March 13, 2016

Choose Your MBA Career Path and Shine

Manohara Raju Makaraju

I have found an onslaught of many articles that question the importance and worth of higher education. A majority of the articles have been probing the return on investment for MBA education as well. The splendid careers in MBA are open to all who has got an MBA degree. In fact, the degree holders have countless employment opportunities in almost every business industry they can imagine. If you have earned an MBA degree, the type of employment you can get is frequently reliant upon your individual skill set, knowledge and professional experience, your MBA specialization and the school or program you graduated from.

So, the question here is that what will you do after your graduation?

As MBA degree holder, you have a variety of charming opportunities, even if you don't realize it. Through this article, you can realize what you can do after graduation. The jobs mentioned below are well-suited for MBA graduates.Check out the following careers in which you can make your professional career very successfully with your MBA degree:

MBA Careers as Freelancer

Instead of working in an organization, you can start work as freelancer as an accounting consultant, accounting mentor or coach, or one-off contract employments. Through this approach, you’ll get some additional income. However, a good approach for you is to experience various industries, types of organizations, and working styles while making your talent perfect.

MBA Careers in Teaching

If you have completed your graduation and earned an MBA degree, you should applyfor adjunct positions in any well-known high education institutions, mainly in such domains where you have acquired excellent knowledge and experience. Indeed, these colleges and universities prefer people who have best experience. They usually look for individuals who have speaking power, capability of delivering workshops or panels, and ability to play a mentor’s role as well.

MBA Careers in Accounting

If you earned your MBA degree and specialized in the field of accounting, you could enter the public, private, or government areas. In accounting field, you’ll have to manage accounts receivable or accounts payable as well as transactions. Besides these, responsibility may comprise accounting consultancy, tax related work, financial tracking, and much more. In this field, job titles may comprise accountant or accounting manager, comptroller or auditor, or financial accounting consultant.

MBA Careers in Business Management

There are many universities that offer various MBA programs in general management without any specialization. This certainly makes the field of management a popular career path for you as a MBA student. Indeed, regardless of type and size of the organizations, every modern-day firm needs managers. You have multiple job career opportunities in specific domains of business management including human resources management (HRM), operation management, business consultant andsupply chain management.

MBA Careers in Information Technology (IT)

The demand of MBA in the field of information technology (IT) is also increasing. WhenMBA graduates lead IT departments of the companies, their role extends far beyond the computer.IT related businesses need MBAs to manage and oversee various IT projects, supervise human resource, and manage information systems (ISs). Further, in this field job career options can vary and it totally depends on an individual’s specialization in MBA. Most of the MBA graduates prefer to work as IT manager, project manager, IT management consulting, business analyst of IT, information systems manager, etc.

MBA Careers in Marketing

Marketing is one of the most common career options for you as a MBA graduate. In the modern-day business environment, there are many larger-scale organizations, and several businesses operating at the small level, need marketing experts and professionals. The demand of jobs in field is quite high. In this field, you could work in various areas, like promotions, branding advertising, marketing research, public relations (PR), and much more. Most popular and possible job titles are marketing analyst, marketing and promotions manager, marketing communications coordinator, public relations specialist, marketing analyst, branding specialist, etc.

MBA Careers in Finance

The traditional pillars of the MBA program are management, marketing, consultancy, and consultancy. But the field of finance is covered as a core module too. Thus, among others the most popular MBA career option is finance. Prosperous employers/businesses always look for people who have the strong knowledge base in various domains of the finance and financial market. Due to its prominence in the world of business and the exceptional opportunities it presents, finance has increasingly attracted the MBA talent in the world.In the finance field, job titles may include financial manager, financial controller, financial analyst, financial planning and analysis manager, budget analyst, investment banker, etc.

Other Splendid MBA Career Paths

There are numerous other splendid MBA career paths for MBA graduates in which you can make your professional careers. Entrepreneurship, international business, and consulting are some of the superb career options for MBAs. Usually, MBA students enjoy giving their guidance as opinions, and for them, consulting related jobs are perfect ideal, which can also be pursued as freelancer. In this career path, an MBA consultant gives advice to others for their businesses. These jobs are very admired and respected, as the CEOs or supervisors of major firms and even industries come to an MBA consultant to ask for approaches of boosting their bottom line. Usually, the pay of consultants ishigh.

No doubt, the modern-day employers give highrespect to MBA degree holders. You just need to network properly, enhance your knowledge base and improve your skill-set regularly;you’ll get success and make your future bright with your MBA degree. Indeed, your career options in this field are endless.

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