February 24, 2017

How to boost your career in Software Testing

Manohara Raju Makaraju

It’s been quite some time now since software testing came into existence. The first professional team of testers was known to have been setup way back in the 1950s in the PC major IBM. The profession has come a long way since then. Of course, this means that there are plenty of job opportunities out there in this industry for the right kind of person. Here are some tips that although, won’t make you a better person, but surely enhance your career as a software tester.

February 10, 2017

How to Become an Outstanding Student in 2017?

Manohara Raju Makaraju

A new year is a new start for everyone. It is time now to forget the past and think about future. Set your vision for 2017 and focus on it. As a student, your vision should be to ace your results. The best way to ace your results is to become an outstanding student. Now the question: How to become an outstanding student? Following are the most important tips that are going to help you become an outstanding student in 2017.

How to Rock the Committee With Your Application Letter

Manohara Raju Makaraju

When you write your application letter, you have to give it enough attention and make sure it is done perfectly. Ultimately your acceptance is in the hands of a committee. These people hold your future in their hands from the moment they receive you application. Through the years, we have gathered some information about what to include and what not to include in your application letter. If you need college applications help, there are many services out there. Be sure to use some sentence correctors to avoid any spelling errors. I still see so many grammar and spelling errors in applications and it is totally unacceptable.


Your application letter should showcase your intelligence, commitment and research abilities. Make sure your research is about the program, trends in the current season and also structure and layout of your letter. Be the candidate with the best application letter for job and be a success. Your opening sentence is the most important sentence of the entire letter. If you can grab the attention of the committee with your first line, you will probably have them read the application letter till the end.

Grab their attention early

Now you know that not all application letters are read till the end. You have to not only grab their attention but you also have to intrigue them. No committee wants to hear any negative speech. If you are going to be negative, they would not want you part of their program. Portray a positive image. Everyone would rather be around a positive person. Do not allow yourself to leave the juicy details to the last paragraph. The opening line is really where you need to put your energy and focus is.

Confidence without arrogance

Do not downplay your achievements. This is where you need to almost boast. Do so with a humble spirit through. You want to come across confident but there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Be careful not to cross that line. Believe in yourself and express it in that way. Make sure your letter has some kind of flow to it. It should almost be like the one sentence falls into the next one. This is how you prevent your reader from falling asleep.

Scores aren’t everything

Your scores won’t matter that much. Your application letter is it. Of course they will look at your scores and if you are below average, you may not be accepted. With that being said, scores are not everything in adult world. Your scores are an indication of your hard work. That’s about it. If the committee only chose the people with the highest scores, why encourage students to write an application letter? They want to hear from you and be sure you are ready.

Don’t fake it

Be yourself and do not underplay who you are. You can only pretend to be someone else for so long. In a matter of time the real you will come to surface and that is an awkward moment for everyone. We can avoid it by you being yourself at all times. The authenticity is never out of style. Even if you feel like you need to change to fit in, don’t. Just be yourself.

Professional presentation

Make sure you present professional and neat work. Sloppy paperwork is a turn off for high school teachers and will be the same for lecturers. No colour paper and star stickers on your application letter. This is grown-up world now so show the committee that you are ready for the next step into adulthood. This is not an art project and should be treated like a professional submission. You want your recruiter to see you as an adult with goals and achievements. Do not come across as a chance taker.

You have worked hard to come this far so think about that opening line and make it a good one. You are an intelligent person who deserves an opportunity to achieve your goals.

January 31, 2017

Is there a way to navigate past bullies in school?

Manohara Raju Makaraju

Bullying is the worst ill that any student can get exposed to. The menace is so prevalent that it is not even considered as an act of wrongdoing. For students, it can be tough to come out in the open and express themselves about being bullied to their teachers or parents for the fear of getting bullied even more. Because it would be considered as a major opposition move from bullies’ perspective if they are summoned to the principal’s office.

Bullying could be due to the way you dress, your color/skin, your sexual orientation or for no reason at all because it makes the other person feel in control. It is stated under numerous accounts and has been studied that those who are bullied often get scarred for life. Bullied students feel degraded, alienated, and may not end up attending school altogether.

There are several ways to combat a situation like this and the action should be on a priority basis. Parent/guardian or teachers should keep an eye out on students who tend to walk away from the herd. These are often the targets of bullying. Assignment help is available in this regard. Their studies are hampered as a result and they don’t get along with other students. Little uncomfortable annoys or irritates them. So be wary of such signs in children/students.

What you can do is confide in an adult you think who will listen to you. Someone who will empathize with you. It is usually parents or teachers you can trust. Studies have shown that communicating with adults can yield quick success rate in putting an end to bullying. If you think having to talk with adults is difficult, you can always write to them to convey your concern.

On the premises try not to walk alone. Always ask your friends to accompany you and/or adult. In the hallways, if you think you are bullied the most avoid them when bullies are around. If it is the school van you are bullied the most when you sit at the back, try sitting at the front or close to the driver. Again, have a friend around accompany you to locker rooms, restrooms etc.
The fact that you are disturbed or upset by being bullied feeds the bully. Do not in the slightest, and I repeat, DO NOT show signs of being upset. Act as if doesn’t bother you. Plus, do not carry any valuables such as your best gadget or your favorite jewelry to school premises or else you may pay the price. Try labeling the items you carry to school so that there is no room for confusion – who it belongs to.

You must ask here that not every day is Sunday. What if I have to take the hallways to get to a place when bullies are around, what if had to sit at the back of the bus because there is no space for seating, what if there are no adults or company around while I have to use the restroom? Pretty legit all these questions. So the idea is to walk away or run when cornered by the bully.

As if running away is not an option, do not fight back, but stand firm and register the protest that you certainly didn’t enjoy being bullied and that next time you won’t be so submissive (that there will be consequences, even if there is none – sending the message is important).

Other workarounds could be to laugh and make fun of yourself. Loosen the bully’s grip over you and say that yes, you look a bit weird when you wear round spectacles and things like that. Hand him the air of superiority that the bully so desperately craves.

Or you can always fight back if you’ve got the guts. In short, with concerted efforts from everyone, the nuisance can be crushed.

Author bio: Allen Jay is a psychologist by profession and runs his own private clinic. He has vast experience in analyzing human mind and often blogs about it. You can contact him for Assignment Help by following him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Can campus life serve as a stepping stone for the student?

Manohara Raju Makaraju

College is easily the best days of a student’s life. After high school, he gets to explore the independent life on his own. From an environment where teachers guide and establish the coursework, the student here works often time on his own to take notes and make time for study so that he can clear college.

A student on campus shares the room, eat and grow up alongside other students on campus. You no longer stay in the comfort of your own home instead meet new people and learn about their cultures. It is the time where friendships are etched that will last a lifetime. Hence, it is imperative that on-campus living should be made the most out of.

The importance can also be ascertained in terms of easy access to one’s classroom, forming of fraternities with students residing in your dorm and attending get-togethers/parties to have a blast of a social life. Your association as part of your fraternity in the form of certain clubs will give you an edge for the later part of your career when you go out to apply for a job.

Employers prefer students that know how to survive as a team and leadership roles are assigned to them so that they can guide other people. In addition, college life entails extracurricular activities that allow students to work for college magazine and radio etc. You can employ facilities that come as part of being on-campus; gym, library, recreational sports, swimming and so on so forth.

As mentioned, you can for your own college but while on-campus, you can also experience first-hand job experience by working part time. There are instances where students support themselves with on-campus living as to ease off the burden of their parents. Therefore, chances are that you can spend while enjoying your time there as well as create some savings for yourself. Any extra cash goes a long way.

It has been observed that those students who attend college are more likely to complete their education as opposed to those who come and go. The reason is simple. They have a sense of belonging to the place which is akin to their second home. They know the faculty/teachers and are, thereby, more connected to them. They naturally are more inclined and value classroom lectures.

In many cases, students consider accommodating to campus life difficult. You can find help on assignment writing online. They feel homesick but what they don’t realize is that by being on-campus, they are adapting to good studying habits because when six or more friends or group of students sit together, usually, the outcome is stellar.

They together go through class lectures, review exam structure and prepare accordingly. It may be that answer to a particular question or problem cannot be addressed but due to the meeting of minds, the solution can be devised. Studies can become hectic and by while on-campus, you can relieve stress by socializing with people around you. Even if you are homesick, remember this will pass but by interacting with people of similar interests such feeling can be subdued.

College life or campus life is your preparation ground, and the concerned student should not let it go to waste. Before you go out into the practical world. It is unique in its own way and can serve you well in the future where you will always be independent.

Author Bio: Charles Colin is a teacher and has been associated with education sector for a while now. He loves to blog and is an avid reader. You can contact him for Assignment Writing UK by following him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

January 29, 2017


Manohara Raju Makaraju

College can be a tough time. It is the first time many people are away from their homes. This new found sense of freedom comes with several new responsibilities. The ability to set your own schedule and do what you please when you want sometime leads to trouble managing your budget. Thankfully this helpful guide will equip you with some real world advice and practical, applicable, tips and tricks that will help save you time and more importantly money. 

Go to your local consignment shop the next time you need clothing If you are in the market for clothes there is no reason to buy new garments. As fashions change every few weeks many people take their like new garment to the consignment shop and sell them off to recoup some of the losses and get money. This results in high numbers of high quality garments being for sale at a price that is only a fraction of the cost of a new garment. Why not save money on a garment that looks brand new? Consignment shops are also a great place to get some extra cash for stuff that you don’t wear any more. Consider a consignment shop the next time you need clothing.

Always go to the manufacturer for the best deals whenever possible If you are looking to buy something that is brand name then it is always wisest to go to the manufacturer rather than a retail outlet. While retail outlets are convenient as they offer a wide array of products they usually do so at the expense of the customer. Looking for a new computer? Head directly to apple or microsoft. Need a new cardigan for the winter season? american apparel will consistently have better deals than retailers. Looking for a new pair of air jordans? Head directly to nike for the best deal. Always try to go to the manufacturer rather than a retail outlet. You will almost always find it cheaper. Beware of retailers that have cheaper products as they could be fake.

January 27, 2017

How to Make a Nursing Career: 10 Habits of Successful Medical Students

Manohara Raju Makaraju
A career in the medical field is always an excellent choice. If you have the opportunity to study nursing, you have already made it through a lot of difficult factors. We often hear from students about how difficult and time consuming medical school can be. I suppose one should not take it lightly, but we have also seen many go through it successfully. You are no different. If you put a plan together, you will be one of the success stories one day.

January 16, 2017

How to Prepare for Class 10 Board Exam to Get Good Marks

Manohara Raju Makaraju

An academic background of students is often determined on the basis of how they have performed in their board exam.