February 12, 2016

How to Choose Your Career Path Wisely?

Manohara Raju Makaraju

Choosing a career path is an easy decision for only a very few. For most of the people, this decision is one of the toughest that they are required to make. Considering the fact that the wrong choice of career can cause you to remain dissatisfied with your job throughout your life, the decision must be made after thorough deliberation. There is no denying the oft-quoted statement that if you do what you love, success will come naturally. But sometimes, people have got so many passions that it becomes difficulties for them to decide which one of those passions should be chosen as a career. Go through the following points so that you get an idea about how to deal with too many career options and arrive at a decision.

Analyze the job market

To begin with, you need to think about each option that you are considering in practical terms. You can never choose to skip practical research about these career paths at the time of decision-making. You need to find and get in touch with people who have made successful careers out of your passions. Try to speak to them directly in order to get to know how they made it possible. Find out the cost (both in terms of time and money) of the training involved in the process. Doing some early-stage job hunting in each of the areas that are under consideration would also be helpful towards coming to a decision. Be sure to search for the starting salary when you do this. Have a look at newspaper advertisements to see how many job advertisements you come across in that particular area. This point is quite significant because the fact is that not all your passions could be turned into successful careers. Also, not all careers are equally lucrative in a particular job market. Hence, it is extremely important that you come to terms with this reality at this stage so that you don’t have to regret later on.

Avoid a myopic focus

It is very important that while deciding upon your career path, you avoid looking only at your career goals. Your career choice must be compatible with your overall lifestyle goals. You might wish to live in a particular place and lead a particular kind of life. Do you see your career choice supporting these lifestyle goals? If not, leave out the choices that seem to be in conflict with your lifestyle vision and goals. For instance, you might have always dreamt of working and settling in a particular city. If the job market for a particular career in that city is not thriving, you should not think further about that career path, as following it would leave you dissatisfied in the long-run. Having a long-term and broad focus is an important point to be kept in mind while making a career decision. If you consider this factor, your field of options would be narrowed down to a great extent.

Step out of your fantasy world

It is a truth that you only come to know the reality of something when you come face-to-face with it. This is also true for our passions. Many a times we think of a passion as something we would love to do for the rest of our life, or something that we would be unimaginably pleased to pursue as a career. But when you are given an opportunity to work in that area, your perception of that job changes with only a brief experience. It shows that all your passions that you think you would love to follow as a career, might not be a good career option for you at all. In order to find this out, try searching for some low-cost ways to work in the areas that you are considering. This can be done through volunteering or freelance work. An actual encounter will make it clear whether you like the daily realities of a job, or was it just the idea of the job that fascinated you. You may actually end up hating what you were initially so passionate about. At times, the reality is completely different from your idea of something. Hence, it is advisable that you experience the ins and outs of various jobs.

Hobbies might not be a good career choice

Bear in mind the fact that everything that you love to do would not turn out to be a lucrative career. Some hobbies and passions are much more suited to be a source of relaxation, and a way of spending quality time after tiring work hours, than a long-term career path. Your hobby might not remain the same when you start making a living out of it. In fact, it might only be enjoyable to you when it is pursued as a pastime. As a career, it may be accompanied by unfriendly work schedules, or an unreliable income stream – things which don’t satisfy your expectations from your career. Hence, in such a situation, you might not only ruin your career, but also end up losing an interesting hobby. Think critically about whether you would still love your hobby when you are living it day in and day out, and it’s not satisfying your career expectations.

The decision regarding career must be made after thinking practically about all the options you are considering. Weighing up all the options on the four criteria that have been discussed would leave you with some practical choices. But the list of the points given above is definitely not exhaustive. You must search for more points that should be considered while making this very important decision.

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February 9, 2016

Receive a Scholarship and Make Yourself Outstanding

Manohara Raju Makaraju

All over the academic world, a vast majority of the students have made an assumption that scholarships are only for those students who are in need due to low budget. In fact, this assumption is absolutely wrong. The actual fact is that if you receive a scholarship, it clearly means that you are capable and you deserve it. Usually, most of the scholarships are given to students for the recognition for some of their specific accomplishments. If you win a scholarship, it will make a wider difference in how much your precious time and valuable resources you’ll have for your campus to spend on expanding the knowledge and information while gaining experience through the training period. It has been found that even among high school graduates with good grades; only one in eight consider applying for a scholarship. If you have some misconception about the scholarship, the following paragraphs of this article are presenting the most fabulous aspects as attributes of scholarships:

High Level of Acknowledgment

Once you have won a scholarship you will receive high level of acknowledgement and recognition. It is a fact only for some scholarships more and more students are there who want it. In fact, if you one of those who receive a scholarship for your some academic achievements, you will receive high appreciation while enhancing the level of your confidence. Indeed, you’ll also be capable of pursuing other targets and goals. For you, the most interesting and crucial aspect regarding receiving a scholarship is that you will be able to identify and realise your strong areas about your academic career. All these will play a vital role because you will also be capable of raising your growth, receiving great appreciation and respect from a highly reputed employers in the business world who always look for talent to be recruited.

In addition, once you receive your merit-based scholarship for your great achievements, it will be implied that you have exceptional potential and skills that stand out you among the others, and indeed the scholarship provider has noted and recognised this quality. Further, one of the key benefits of scholarship is that when experience the professional world by going to apply for jobs or for getting another higher degree by studying in any university, you will have the rock-solid proof that you are a highly brilliant candidate for job or student for a university and you have the utmost potential. In fact, such a potential among many other qualities will stand you out among others.

Financial Aids

There is a misconception that if the financial assistance is not a need of a student, he or she is not deserves for scholarship. Scholarship is not only associated with the students who have low budget. This opportunity is for all and every student should try to win a scholarship so that they take full advantage of it to improve their lifestyle. In addition, across the world a vast majority of the students completing their graduates on annual basis with the help of substantial student loan debt, and hence they ultimately stop their further study to pay such a dept. Nevertheless, since there are no charges of scholarship and it is totally free, students across the world have the utmost opportunity to pay strong attention to their future careers. It is a fact that you don’t need to more reflect on the approaches how to get rid of your loans. This approach indeed will allow you to establish your career in many diverse academic fields, from marketing to law and from nursing to business management, and for these fields you must have postgraduate degree. If you want a smart professional career, scholarship will prepare you join one of the many professional careers in the above mentioned areas with a smart pay.

In fact, if you receive a scholarship it means that you will be able to get rid of all your financial burdens as scholarship will make all the things better for you, from your academic career to your professional life. As far as your job career is concerned, receiving a valuable merit-based scholarship will make a person very attractive in the business world for the employers. At present, there is a vast majority of the multinational companies who have realised the competitive nature of scholarships and hence they always take it as one of the utmost accomplishment of a candidate. Usually, a scholarship of a student basically depicts to a company or an employer that the candidate is anextraordinary person having extraordinary skills and knowledge.

Educational Advantages

Universities all over the world always want to recruit unique students who have brilliant capabilities. They always prefer those students who are skilled and having vast knowledge and the potential. Receiving a scholarship is indeed a big deal for a student. In the UK and all over the world, most of the well-reputed universities and colleges always prefer to recruit those who have distinctive qualities. Keep in your mind that winning a merit-based scholarship means that you have capability and potential and thus you would be a best addition to the institute.

Make Your Resume / CV Outstanding

For a majority of the students, preparing an outstanding professional resume or CV is a trick and challenging task. But, if you receive a merit-based scholarship, it will make your resume very professional and exceptional that will ultimately stand you out among thousands of professional resumes. Definitely, job hunting is a challenging and time-consuming task for students, but if you have a scholarship history because of your numerous achievements,it will make you a highly attractive candidate in the labour market.

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John Kelly is a professional blogger and education counsellor. Recently he joined an online essay writing service to provide guidance to the student about how to get scholarship or tips to get scholarship.

February 7, 2016

Perks of Availing Lifestyle Accessory Design Courses

Manohara Raju Makaraju

Lifestyle and accessory design courses are gaining importance nowadays and to meet the growing demand of accessories various renowned colleges in India are providing lifestyle and accessory design courses.  In the present era glamour is considered as the most important aspect.Lifestyle and Accessory designers mainly have to come up with creative ideas, and then they have to sketch it, review it and prepare a sample of it in order to test it out. Lifestyle products have taken a major portion of the market and this has led to the growth in demand of life style and accessory design courses in India.  Lifestyle and accessory course is the process of understanding the way people live, their social status, their habits and try to come up with innovative products. 
The job an accessory designer is to design accessories such as leather goods, glass products etc. Lifestyle and accessory design incorporates
• Design accessories such as jewellery, leatherwear glass products, footwear, watches, scarves, giftware, tableware, silverware and other lifestyle products.

• They have to create designs that can redefine the trends or that can blend the prevailing fashion trends with the new trends.

• Life Style Designers can work in various areas like in costumes, jewelries, leather wear, glass products, and footwear.

• Accessory designers are usually work for more specific tasks, such as sketching or choosing materials.

• They have to research to find out new designs which will appeal to both retailers as well as the customers. They also need to attend fashion shows as well as they should regularly go through fashion magazine to get new creative ideas for their designs.

• They also need to sketch designs for different accessories. Accessories designers who are working for large retail stores and companies they may need to present their sketches to their creative director.

• It is also the duty of the accessory designer to promote their designs to other retailers as well as consumers.
To pursue design courses one has to complete either class 12 or graduation form a recognized board or university.

January 15, 2016

Four typical ways of using social media for education purpose

Manohara Raju Makaraju

The modern age of education has many alternatives and avenues that students can explore. There was a time when students used to work with limited avenues to find help and assistance. However, in the modern day world only with the presence of this internet technology a student can find so many opportunities to excel and learn. There are always benefits of using the internet for education and in addition to the internet, students now can also use social media in order to get better and more targeted help. Social media has become a tool which is not only important for growth and learning, but it is almost impossible to survive without the use and access to it. When it comes to finding assistance for academic purpose or extra academic assistance in education, then students have lots of options. Today’s modern day academic world brings them to light with so many different avenues automated through technology. Some of those ways are online libraries and e-learning crash courses, traditional library books delivered at home or similar avenues. Then there is the whole internet world which has absolutely no other alternative. The internet world is full of purpose and education if used in the right manner without any hazards.

Within that internet world, there is another world called social media. When you talk about social media, you usually think about social media platforms to socialize and connect with friends. However, there is much more to that than just the connecting with the friends part. Through social media, students can connect with their university professors and also find more assistance online, they just have to tap the right options and avenues. Social media in the modern day world is very much used for learning as part of the internet platform through different ways. Today’s academic blog will talk about four typical ways through which social media can be used for educational purpose without any challenges or problems and also for free.

Blogging forums

Blogging is a way of expressing one’s ideas and experiments as well as insights. Blogging in the modern world today has taken a lot of popularity. It is important for students to be updated with all the latest blogs and also have exposure to the blogging world, if they are aiming to use social media for help. Popular blogging forums are one of the great ways to enlighten yourselves with some of the on-going topics globally. Not only do the blogs provide you with relevant current information, but they actually give you an insight of how people are thinking about that situation through an analytical point of view. This is because a blog is someone’s personal voice of opinion mentioned through key analytical points and events. A blogger will always rationalize his choice and this can help you find relevant information for your research or other related requirements. A blogging site is constantly updated so becoming a regular subscriber to your topics of interest can be extremely helpful.

Online Discussion forums

With the penetration and growth of the internet, discussion as part of the online world has become extremely easy. People are found discussing various topics and assistance online all the time and this is why online discussion forums provide another good opportunity for students to find help from. There are two types of online discussion forums that go around in the education world. One of them is the university made discussion forum, which is usually tailored to students studying as they can discuss various things and events on those forums. Then there is the second type of discussion forum where the forum is open to everyone around the world and one can discuss or find anything they are looking for. You can also find experts here trying to help you with some academic challenge or problems you may come across.

Online seminars

Seminars that are based online are still trying to make their space in the online world. However, they are an important aspect of the online learning world. The way online seminar works is simple, students can sign on to a portal and set up their availability for the seminar. Once the seminar is on air, they will receive a link and from there students can virtually sit during a length seminar discussion. Most universities abroad rely on this kind of seminar for their new courses and programs. On some social media networks; there are online webinars and seminars that take place. These events are a great way to get a head start on your degree programs, or courses that you are soon going to be taking in your academic term. They highlight the possible challenges you may come across and also the potential opportunities that you must tap on to.

One on one assistance

The final avenue that students can explore is the traditional one on one learning with the use of the social media forum. There are many avenues through which students can easily find relevant contacts for people online. One on one assistance in the online world might not be very popular, but as the penetration and accessibility of the internet becomes easier, people like to use this option as part of their online learning. On social media you can also very easily find people who are willing to help you with one on one online assistance. This way you can not only enhance your learning, but also educate yourselves with the help of an expert on board.

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January 11, 2016

A highlight of your schools of the next decade

Manohara Raju Makaraju

The times that we live in are fast and modern. We are a race who is habitually challenging the status quo by trying to make things different every passing day. In just a few years, we can see a remarkable change in the way a certain task was done due to improvements in technology and other areas. This is the way our world lives and now we can easily see drastic changes over the period of a decade whether it’s a school or any other industry. Over the course of several decades and years, we have seen the education industry transform itself step by step. From completely manual to automated and well informed, the education industry has come and covered a long distance of transformation. With the introduction and penetration of the internet and technology, this transformation and dynamics have even further changed and evolved. There have been some of the most amazing changes through which education has not only improved its quality, but also students have found more opportunities as well as informed and enhanced learning for themselves.

With the way technology, internet and other circumstances are evolving in the education sector, we will see further evolution and trends developing over the course of the next decade or so.Schools will also seem a drastic change in the way they operate and approach with the transfer of education as well as students. All these changes will make schools completely different in the few years’ time over the course of the future. We already have seen people taking online direct assistance and other similar forums. Today’s academic blog will talk about four ways through which schools will be different in the next ten years.

Handwriting will be dead

Our world has gone so far in technology that with every passing day, the effort that we put into our work is not the same. The kind of hard work that once used to go into the assignment writing is no longer the same. Today, students can simply type on their homework instead of putting in hours trying to handwrite these assignments. The education world in this regards has completely changed. Previously, students used to go through the process where they would usually start writing with a pencil and eventually move on to writing with a pen.Now, since day one, they are invited to type out their work instead of writing it. Long gone are the days when the focus on handwriting was one of the crucial aspects of school. With the ease of computing and typing, teachers no longer reinforce the importance of handwriting and students of the modern education world is not exposed to lengthy write-ups with their hands. They prefer typing and doing their work through computers. In the next ten years as things get more automated, students will no longer focus on handwriting their work. All writing and communications as well as the assignments will be done through computers and typing. So this way one of the quite traditionally associated things of school will soon become history.

Importance of updated information will be more

Today, the students in school still read books based on past events, but very soon with more computer and technology penetration, they will be asked to rely on more recent and relevant information. They will focus more on recent events rather than things of the past and will try to make a rationale out of those events in the context of their courses. This way the learning will become more insightful, relevant as well as enhanced through the use of strong computing skills and real-time updated information from the internet world. The idea of learning through updated information will not only help increase the knowledge of students, but it will also make them really competitive. They would be more exposed to the knowledge which means something more than usual. The relevant and real time information can also bring in quality to their work.

Summer vacations will change its meaning

Now more and more students are turning towards making their summer vacations a bit more productive than before. They will try to use these vacations to learn new skills, complete a training program or get certifications in courses as the competition and this world gets tough to find opportunities relevant for them. The idea of utilizing your summer vacations seems logical because students have to prepare for a lot of new and exciting things to come their way. Good students cannot afford to waste all their summer by just being a couch potato.

Device and gadgets
Technology in the shape of smart phones, tablets and gadgets will see more and more penetration with students, most of them carrying one of those to rely on them during their studies. No more manual books and libraries will be required as everything will be automated. We must not forget how technology is going to further evolve the education and the kind of impact it can have over schools of the next decade. The way times are moving, we will not be surprised to see a real revolutionary change in schooling systems in just over a decade. Already the influence of devices and gadgets not only generates more interest in the studying and lecture when it comes to students, but also creates better learning opportunities. Another advantage of technology is that it creates the kind of learning environment where a student is in a full capacity to compete with global talent rather than just the local one.

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Jocelyn Marielin is the author of this blog post. Jocelyn has worked as an educational consultant and also posts, blogs for the site Hire Essay Writer and her blogs are very famous amongst the online audience.

November 24, 2015

10 simple ways that makes career planning successful

Manohara Raju Makaraju

Career planning should not be considered as a short-term activity, instead it should be assumed as an activity that can be done so many times in one’s career. The reason is obvious because an employee needs this exercise at different stages and situations of his or her career. Therefore, it is always better to start making plans regarding your career at any stage so that you might perceive a significant change that could result in providing positive impacts and consequences.

Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Courses

Manohara Raju Makaraju
Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Courses

Education is a treasure no one can take from you. This is why learning is valuable and worth your time and effort. In the old days, education may not be as easily accessible. Students need to travel by foot for a few kilometers to get to school. Some students even sacrifice being away from their family for a whole year, to go to a boarding school. Nowadays, education can be done even within the comforts of your home.

Analyze your writing using these 4 online tools

Manohara Raju Makaraju
Analyze your writing using these 4 online tools

An average student has to submit at least a dozen papers in the course of one semester. These papers have to be well researched and well written. Moreover, students have to manage writing these all the while preparing for the upcoming lectures, quizzes and exams. Of course, as this is stressful, many students submit a hastily written and a paper with multiple mistakes and in the end, even after putting in a lot of effort and hard work, they end up with a bad score which affects their overall performance.