January 16, 2017

How to Prepare for Class 10 Board Exam to Get Good Marks

Manohara Raju Makaraju

An academic background of students is often determined on the basis of how they have performed in their board exam.

The first board exam is to be experienced by you, when you are in class 10. As this is the important exam in your academic career, you need much preparation.

Though you work hard for the best result, you want to know - How to Prepare for Class 10 Board Exams.
Here are some tips, related to the candidates from science branch.

Complete awareness of your syllabus

Before appearing for the board exam, it is highly essential. You should follow all the guidelines and instructions that are given by their tutors.

At the same time, the prescribed syllabus is to be known to you. Besides, you may also discuss something about the syllabus with your teacher.
Solve various questions

You may try to solve a variety of questions, which are related to every topic included in your syllabus. 

Whenever you stuck, you have to ensure that you’ve solved it on the subsequent day with your own intelligence or with someone’s help.

It may also allow you to practice more and score higher.

For instance, Mathematics for Class 10 board exam needs much practicing. This subject comprises Arithmetic, Algebra and many other types of calculations.

This subject needs regular practice so that you may become an expert in it. In geometry section, accurate diagrams allow you to secure better marks.

Thus, though all the subjects are scoring, you have to know the best techniques for Preparation for 10th Board Exam.

Maintain individual notebooks to write notes on every subject
Put down all the essential formulae and notes, which are relevant to your subject.
These are especially much helpful during the time before examination because you need to absorb everything in your mind.
To say more clearly, you may also create charts or graphical figures in order to simplify all the things about the subject.
An appropriate diagram of any concept will surely be practical to a student. Although it is not possible in all the subjects, you should attempt to do so.
Besides doing the above things, you should have a thorough understanding of every topic.
This will help you in solving any intricate problem by applying a little effort. Follow these tips to have the best grades in your class 10 exam.

Author Bio: SmartGuru is innovative evaluation Software for the 10th, 11th, 12th Science Students of Gujarat Board, Guj-CET, NEET, JEE and GPSC Class III. The prime objective of SmartGuru is to bring revolution in education by providing highly advance evaluation platform for all students.

Advanced technology: Reshaping the way students learn and accumulate information

Manohara Raju Makaraju

Whenever we think about a classroom, the conventional type, we imagine chalk boards, wooden desks, students using paper and pens, and textbooks. As for conventional college campuses, its’s only natural that we imagine old buildings with bronze busts all over the place. However many things have changed due to the rise of technology, and today’s classroom has virtual boards, laptops for students, and video projectors.  The impact technology has had thus far is tremendous, so it’s safe to assume that advanced technology is completely reshaping the way students learn and accumulate information.

A revamped educational system

The educational system has been greatly impacted by advanced technology, and both pupils and students use gadgets to learn more productively. Devices such as laptops and tablets are now a fundamental part of the college curriculum. Most papers are printed and teachers even test a student’s progress on a computer rather than on paper.

In 1995, only 8% of schools across the US used computers to access the internet.  In 2008, 98% of all schools had online access. An average number of 72 computers were used in US public schools in 1995. By 2008, the number tripped, reaching 189.  In 2013, over 71% of US pupils with ages above 3 knew how to access the internet, which means the impact of technology on colleges is massive. We’re dealing with a completely revamped educational system; a system where technology has become ubiquitous.

Benefits of technology in class

Researchers, students, educators, and parents have gotten to the conclusion that technology can expand and enrich a one’s ability to learn. The benefits are numerous because advanced devices and access to the internet targets the practical learning mode. A recent study performed on kids in kindergarten recently reported that pupils who used iPads are more creative. They learn faster and with a lot more determination. The study demonstrated that iPads can outperform non-tech learning methods, and here’s why:

Kids are more excited to use smart devices as opposed to using conventional pens and papers.
Educational apps are easy to customize and they fit the learning pace of each pupil individually
Altered dynamic in the class – rather than hold lectures in class, teachers can record lectures and students can use them whenever they want to study at home, in a comfortable environment without anyone interfering with their pace

Social media becomes education media

Not many educators agree that social media can help a student learn faster and more productively. To some degree, they blame it for being too distracting in class. However, when social media is used right, it becomes education media. An average of 80% of faculty members use social platforms to help students study more productively. For example, Twitter can be employed to keep students updated with exam dates, weekly curriculum, and online tests. Some colleges use Twitter to teach a student more about brevity and precision.

Using technology is class is not just about teaching a student about creative learning. In colleges, technology is used to address practical obstacles, such as persuading students to attend classes. Many institutions offer students that can’t attend a physical class access to the internet. This way they attend an online course and not enter exam unprepared. This new learning mode is called “distance learning”, and it often targets those that can’t travel to the campus, or are in different cities or countries.


There are concerns regarding using technology in class. Despite all the benefits, some institutions are worried that the online environment is prone to data breaches. Many colleges have already dealt with software malfunctions. Since most programs include personal information, such as name, age, location, and photos, colleges fear that in the wrong hands, this information can affect a student’s right to complete privacy.

Even though tools such as pupil assessment trackers can be successfully used by parents to keep an eye on their children’s academic progress, parents still fear that their kids might be in danger if someone finds out how they look, where they live and how old they are. Nonetheless, many start-ups specialized in cyber security promise that the personal information of all students is safe and sound on their servers. This might compel many parents and even education institutions to trust that the online environment can be a safe place for students to learn.

January 11, 2017

How teaching practices can be improved in order to enhance the extent of education

Manohara Raju Makaraju

This question needs to be answered in a detailed manner; the reason is obvious because without helping teachers the phenomenon of an education cannot be enhanced.  There could be many ways through which teaching practices could be enhanced so that the learning abilities of students also increase. These learning abilities will also result in increasing the overall extent of education a great deal. At the same time, this question should come in our minds that why is there a need of improving the teaching practices. The answer is quite simple yet effective that teaching and learning both aspects are correlated with each other. Therefore, the changes should be incorporated with both aspects in a desired manner because it is the need of time. 

Innovation is the key in the modern day education scenario, as it is influential and necessary in order to provide the required deliverables in an effective manner. There is a need of focusing and concentrating on intentions and objectives as well because it will directly impact on the outcomes of teaching. There are some tactics through which teaching practices may bring the desired result. These tactics could be considered in the form of teaching clarity, the other tactics could be classroom discussion, and feedback. There could be other tactics used in order to enhance the process of teaching as formative assessments along with metacognitive strategies. There might be another strategy that could play an important part in the enhancement of learning of students to sufficient level.  

This strategy is discussing and elaborating the practices with colleagues so that new and innovative ideas and views could be exchanged that could prove to be a vital aspect in teaching practice. The first tactic is as significant as the other tactics of teaching because in this concern the teacher or course supervisor is required to establish firm goals and learning objectives that will be attained after explaining or describing the topic.  The other aspect, which is classroom discussion, should be assumed as the normal so that students can share their thoughts with other students. This will improve the learning habits of students to a considerable extent.

The other aspects are equally important and need to be discussed as well, these are feedback in which students and teachers should both participate and respond so that the progress of students learning could be evaluated. This sort of feedback is crucial in Assignment writing when students are asked to conduct research on a specific domain. This is vital because students will not ask these questions to other students, these questions could be would be able to do my assignment for me or it could be asked in other words such who will do my assignment for me as time is running out and I have to submit assignment on time.  

The formative assessments and metacognitive strategies are developed in order to provide students feedback regarding their progress on regular basis. The metacognitive strategies are designed in order to provide opportunities that are helpful in evaluating their own performance. These are some of the ways that can improve the education outcomes to a certain level. 

The modern way of learning and Student Engagement Scenario

There is no point of denying this fact that this age of digital communication the ways of learning have also been changed to considerable extent. With the passage of time, this aspect is also important to consider that students like to adopt and follow new and innovative things these days. As a result, new and innovative thinking from all the stakeholders of education needs to be applied. This is because of the fact that this age is renowned as modern age of communication and technology. At the same time, new ways of learning are also significant in order to make students motivated and focused with their studies.

There is need of understanding the phenomenon of student engagement in a detailed manner. In the domain of an education, the concept of student engagement does relate with the level of focus and concentration that a student applies in his or her education. All the relevant aspects such as motivation, dedication, interest and commitment are also used and applied in the overall notion of students’ engagement.  As a result, the phenomenon of student’s engagement needs to be observed and analyzed in a comprehensive way. By means of engagement and its application in the domain of education, one could expect that students will be able enough to attain the learning outcomes of their studies in the desired manner. 

On the other hand by keeping students engaged and dedicated with their studies, teachers or all the other stakeholders will become efficient in terms of improving the desired outcomes in a true manner. As far as the students’ engagement scenario is concerned, by the help of this attribute students will become effective when it comes to completing their tasks or activities such as assignments, essays, thesis or assignment as well. There is strong likelihood that students will help their fellow students who lack engagement in their learning or other academic activities. They will easily respond to these questions such as will you Write My Assignment For Me or you will assist me in writing my assignment.

These students who are more learned and engaged in their studies can anticipate these kinds of questions on frequent basis. These questions could be considered in the form of do my assignment for me as I have to perform and complete my other assignments as well on time. In this way the level of learning can be examined among those students who learn and apply their learning in their academic careers.  At the same time, there are some students who lack learning and engagement attribute in their studies and as a result, they find assignment writing difficult task to perform.

Moreover, in this way differences can be identified between the learned students and those students who are unable to apply their learning to sufficient. As a whole, it can be said that student engagement does help students to improve and maximize their level of learning to considerable extent. As a result student engagement, this tactic can be regarded as an efficient way of acquiring desired outcomes in the domain of education.

January 9, 2017

A Best Way to Learn Embedded System

Manohara Raju Makaraju

At present, you can see that we are completely encircled by computing systems. Millions of
computing systems are prepared and scheduled for desktop computers (like Personal Computers, mainframes, workstations and servers) but incredibly, billions of computing systems are prepared every year immersed within larger electronics gadgets and most of computing systems are unnoticed.

Now, embedded systems are explored in digital cameras, cell phones, camcorders, calculators, portable video games, microwave ovens, personal digital assistants, answering machines, washing machines, home security systems, lighting systems, copiers, fax machines, scanners and printers, alarm systems, cash registers, automated teller machines, cruise control, transmission control, fuel injection, active suspension, and anti-lock brakes and many other gadgets or devices.

What is an Embedded System?

An exact definition of embedded system is not easy to say, but simply stated that all types of computing systems or general purpose computer (with keyboard, monitor, and many more) are embedded systems.

Basically, a system is a suitable way of organizing, working or performing one or more tasks according to a stable set of rules, plan or program and also says as that an arrangement in which all units work together and units assemble according to a plan or program. Generally, it is called as that an embedded system is a software system that has embedded into hardware that makes a system which is committed for an application or particular part of an application or part of a bigger system or product. It operates a fixed set of pre-programmed commands to control electromechanical apparatus that may be part of an even bigger system (not a computer with display, keyboard and many more).

A common definition of an embedded systems is that they are gadgets which is utilized to monitor, control or help the operation of machinery, plant or apparatus. An embedded considers the fact that they are an essential part of the system.

Characteristics of Embedded Systems-

1). An embedded system is an application which is single and specifically functioned and that is
popularly theoretical or the programs are performed repeatedly.

2). Efficiency is the main important for embedded systems, which are optimized for power,
execution time, code size, cost, dimensions & weight.

3). Basically, Embedded systems are designed to connect real time controls. A real time system
opposes to enhance from the managed object or operate within the time interval dominated by the environment.

4). The embedded systems frequently communicate (manipulate, communicate & sense) with the external world through actuators and sensors and consequently are typically reactive systems. And basically, a reactive system is a repeated interaction with the surroundings and performs at a pace which is resolute by that surroundings.

5). They basically have no user interface or minimal. A computer chip which is used in an electronic system, but that is not a desktop, general-purpose workstation, or laptop computer. Some kind of systems uses microprocessors (MPUs) or microcontrollers (MCUs), or they may utilize custom-designed chips. It is established by the billions every year in unlimited applications and the embedded systems market basically utilizes the main share of electronic parts in the world.

All Kinds of Operating Systems-

At present, there are established various embedded versions of Mac, Linux and windows, as well as other important operating systems. Basically, embedded systems have limited storage and an embedded operating system is used as the designed to work in much less RAM than a desktop operating system. Generally, they also work in real time and small embedded systems may consist their own input or output routines and not to need a particular operating system at all.

And an embedded systems also utilize a lot less energy than desktop systems which provides them a few more advantages in that they don't need huge energy supplies and will also manufacture a lot of less heat, and in turn removes the require for cooling. All embedded computing critical in a large number of applications and not only in the industry, but also in much of the technology we utilize every day, so remember that embedded solutions when you have a problem and you require solving, then it may just offer the answer that you are searching for.

Advantage of Embedded System-

Small Size – Embedded systems are request particular and the custom designed system will have only compulsory parts and although notably smaller than a regular computer.

Portability – Basically, small size means portability and a lot of embedded systems which we utilize run on battery, and can be moved in a pocket like digital watches, calculator and many more items.

Reduced Cost – Since, the system has less number of products as belonged to a computer.
Real Time Response – Basically, Embedded systems are also popular as real time systems, where the reaction to external incident has a hard frontier for execution. Hence, they are best for
applications where reaction to an external incident is critical.

Low Power Operation – Most of the embedded systems need very low energy to manage, hence
preparing them ideal for medical applications.

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Students Should Start Early For College Prep

Manohara Raju Makaraju

It has often been observed that students start late for college prep thinking that they have a lot of time. However, in order to find the best-fit college, it is suggested to start early for college prep. Fresh high school students usually think that college prep is too far, however once they realize it, they are going to be in the end of junior year. Those who don’t prepare for it, their chances of getting into the best-fit college will reduce enormously.

However, those who have started their college prep early will have less burden to face. But it is a fact that getting into the best-fit college is a lot of struggle even if you have started your planning early.

Finding the best fit college to apply to will take a lot of time.

According to college counselors, it is important for students to apply to at least 15 colleges that matches their criteria in terms of finances and quality education. However, it is also recommended by experts that students should NOT apply to more than 20 colleges. Here is why it is recommended to start early for college prep. Obviously, a lot of time will be required to find 15 colleges that are best-fit for the students and then apply for it. There is a lot of information on internet as well like LinkedIn’s Higher Education tools which will help students to research for ideal colleges.

Good grades come with good preparation.

It is also a fact that colleges have certain pre-requisites for accepting students too. Finding the best-fit colleges and applying for these is a half-work done. Obviously, good grades and proactive participating in school activities is something that colleges consider before accepting students. Good grades can only be gained with good preparation, and good preparation requires time. Here comes the point again, it is important to start early for college prep and getting good grades from the start of high school is suggested.

Thus to make into your best fit college, it is suggested to start early preparations for it.

Author Bio: Oswin is an avid reader and full-time blogger. After completing his education, Oswin started working as a student counselor for online university offering online life experience degree programs. Oswin's mission is to help working professionals launch lucrative careers!

January 7, 2017

Online Learning - A Step towards Accessible Education

Manohara Raju Makaraju
Education is one of the major factors that contribute to the prosperity of a community along with an individual’s development. Education leads you to better opportunities that include financial development.

According to present scenarios, the student’s parent has to invest in educational courses to cope with the rapid changes. Adaptability in learning is crucial in the present competitive field, and since distance learning courses are so accessible; there are no reasons for not taking advantage of this opportunity to the fullest.

The best example is Byju’s - the learning app that makes educational apps for class 6 to 12 along with video classes for competitive exams like CAT, GMAT, GRE, IAS and JEE. Byju’s is the India’s largest edtech company that believes in transforming the face of education in a fun way, where in the students can access to video lectures anywhere and anytime along with clearing any doubts through one to one mentoring.

Distance learning makes higher education easily accessible
Online learning has succeeded in erasing the borders and barriers and providing the opportunity to have access to education. Online learning involves online courses, online degrees at affordable charges. All you need to have is the access to internet and learn without traveling and attending every classroom session.

The certificates and degrees that you achieve after an online course is done are equally acknowledged by universities and companies.

Online studies are flexible
Previously if you wish to go for higher education, you had to either quit your job or shift to another place for living. Also, traditional education did not allow to adjust class attendance based on your schedule, due to family obligations.

Online education has made this possible wherein the students are guided by a structured and flexible procedure according to the aspirant’s need.

Online learning offers individual attention
You can get your queries answered directly as you own a direct link to the instructor. Many students feel insecure and are not comfortable in asking doubts in class. But, online learning eradicates that fear and makes you feel secure with the mentor.

Improve your technical skills
The most basic online course requires you to develop new computer skills while students learn to navigate various learning management systems. The skills learned to be a part of online course transforms to professions that include sharing documents, formal and structured email interactions, work with audio or video study materials for assignments and training sessions. For instance, you want to practice CBSE sample paper, you can take online tests form Byju’s app and prepare well for your Board examination.

Various Courses Options
From traditional prolonged time courses universities to online career colleges, higher education offers different options for students.

This reveals that regardless of what students want to study, from neuroscience to nursing, the courses or the degree programs can be found online. Each academic degree can be earned from a career certificate to a doctorate. Gone are those days when a student had to spend 4 to 5 years to own a degree without thinking of any other course, thanks to online learning that offers different options along with being cost effective.

About Author

Amit Paliwal believes in the impact of writing along with developing articles, blogs and notifications. According to him, every word is an ornament of every content and language is the most powerful means of knowledge that can only be achieved through effective writing. Apart from content writing, music, painting and sports are his field of interest. Email- amit.paliwal@byjus.com

January 5, 2017

Top Tips How To Start Writing a Brilliant Capstone Paper

Manohara Raju Makaraju

When doing a capstone paper, the student will choose a specific topic to provide information on. You will be required to answer the questions on your chosen topic while providing extensive information. Everything you have learned theoretically will need to be shown in a practical project / paper.

Your capstone paper requires a lot of research and time. If you decide to leave it to the last minute, you probably won’t do a very good job. Make sure you choose a subject or topic you are excited about. By doing that, you will be able to give the project your all and be passionate about doing well.

Here are our top tips on how to write a brilliant capstone paper:

Topic selection

Choosing a topic might seem like the easiest part of your capstone paper. However, this should not be taken lightly. Your choice should be unique and interesting but also attainable. Know your limitations and your strengths and definitely play on those strengths. If you choose a topic you are passionate about, it will help you through those long hours of research.

Research, research and research

This will be the foundation of a great paper. If you do not research enough, your paper will lack important information. If you are writing your psychology capstone, you should start by researching psychology capstone ideas. Whatever your chosen topic is, make sure you cover every piece of information. Remember, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity so do not rush and hand in a mediocre paper.

Time management

Do not underestimate how fast time goes. This is the big one, the project you have been building up to and it should not be taken lightly. We all have other things going on in our lives other than school, but this is where you need to learn to balance your time. Even if you spend a little time every day, it will all add up in the end. While you are busy with your capstone paper, it should be the most important thing in your life. Remember, it won’t last forever.


While doing your research, make sure to choose your sources from credible and reliable material. You cannot include information from every blog you read. Academic Search Premier and JSTOR are highly recommended to use while doing academic research. Sites like EHow might not be recognized by your lecturers and therefore not taken to heart. Do not underestimate the library as you will probably find more credible information there than on the internet.

Organize gathered information

Do not wait to organize your information after researching. You should be organized while gathering your information. It is very easy to forget where you read something interesting. Remember, you are supposed to reference and cite your information properly. Have a system in place to help you with this. Organize the sources you got your information from in a easy to navigate order. You will thank yourself when you start writing that paper.
Expected outcomes

You have been going doing a lot of coursework by the time your capstone paper is in effect. Try to focus on what coursework you learned and what the expected outcome should be. You did not just go through so much of work in class without applying it to the most important part of your course. Once you figure out what the outcome should be, you will be reading to go.


After you have an idea of what you are doing, create an outline for your paper. Your head must be flooded with a million ideas by this time and it’s time to write it down. Do a brainstorming session and write down all the ideas you have. This will give you a clear indication of where you are heading. Once you have your outline, you can start using it as a foundation for your paper. It is much easier to organize your paper and get a better flow when you have a proper outline.


Before you submit your final work, submit your project proposal. This will just be a brief overview of what your intentions are for your capstone paper. You can keep it to around 1200 – 1500 words, just to give an indication your future paper. Have an introduction, followed by the questions on your topic and your solutions to the questions asked. That’s it. Feedback on this proposal is crucial because you might be going in the wrong direction. Once you receive your feedback, you will have a more clear idea of where to go.


It may be an uninteresting task to reread an entire paper but it will be worth it. When you are excited about a topic and you write your heart out, there are usually small errors. You can fix these while proofreading your entire paper. Do not underestimate this step or believe that somehow you will have no mistakes. Like I said, this is the big project and even though proofreading seems like a waste of time, it is not. Would you rather proofread your paper of have marks deducted for mistakes you could have fixed?

Your capstone paper is done to see if you can apply learned knowledge after class in out. Remember, you are in a specialized field and it is important for your lecturers to know you are ready for the real world. Preparing properly will help you earn a high score as well as gain a lot more knowledge. This will all help you build a better career later.

Linda Jellison works as a content manager. Her hobby is traveling, reading and guest post writing. She was a top student and now she shares her experience with other students.

6 Pros and 6 Cons of a Gap Year Every College Student Must Know!

Manohara Raju Makaraju

Sometimes a gap year for college students may be welcoming for some, but aggravating for others.  However, it is a great way to energize ourselves and delve into other opportunities to gain wonderful experiences from near or far away.

However, sometimes when students take a year gap, they don’t live it up to their fullest potential and end up watching old show re-runs on TV or doing menial odd jobs. That’s why it’s very important how you decide and plan your college studies.  What you do during that year helps determine what you will achieve in the future by setting certain targets.

Your major focus is to take a break from the constant struggle of a student. “No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks.” Whatever you may have planned for yourself, from working full time or interning, learning something outside the educational system, trot around the globe, or even community services – it cannot be stressed enough that you need to have focus. 

It would be advisable to derive a plan of action, or at least an initial one before you take the decision to take the year off.  Normally when someone leaves a gap year, and their friends are off to college, their lapse of studies no longer seems like a great idea and they then happen to regret their decision.

However, if you plan a gap year in advance, it will carve a path that will lead towards sounder choices for college. Therefore, you must be definite that the activities you choose throughout the year are worth it.  In this way, you can turn in your college applications and the admission officers can instantly see that you took a year off from college to grow as a person and learn a new skill.  It could be anything, learning something that you are passionate about, social services, etc.  But make sure that you do the activity consistently.

There has been a huge rave in the media recently that Maila Obama will be taking a gap of one year, after graduating from high school and attending Harvard University in 2017.  This seems to have become a trend amongst many students, especially in the United States.  Below we have stated the pros and cons of taking a gap of one year prior to college:


If you choose to work for a year, it is a great way of taking this opportunity to save for college, even if it is a small amount, to help in paying off student loans – that will eventually feel like a toll on you.

Is a great ice-breaker during freshman year orientation and other icebreaking activities.

You get to suspend unemployment by one year.

It helps you regain a certain freshness, after spending 13 years in the education system, you won’t be forgetting everything in fact –gaining something new.

It is a great way to learn and gain new experiences by forms of travel, and meeting new people.

Taking a gap from a year of college isn’t as stigmatized nowadays as it seems.


You may feel alienated once you have had a larger picture of what is happening around the world, and college life may seem menial.

You will lose one year of creating a bond with your college mates and developing life-long friendships.

It requires a great deal of organizing your life and planning it.

A year may not be enough for you to accomplish everything that you may want to in life.

The chances might be high that you won’t feel like going to college after getting into the workforce.

You will still have a year after you complete college to do all these things, you may have wasted a year.

Author Bio

Anna Marsh is a Student Counselor at Essay Writing Service – Essayhelpdeal.co.UK. She is also a blogger and writes articles on social issues. Her hobby is travelling and music. She loves meeting new people and learning about different cultures.