August 16, 2013

The Walking Method of India’s Education System

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Manohara Raju Makaraju

India is one of the fastest growing countries with billions of people in the world. This country has a powerful government and world best & strongest constitution. It has a traditional society and beautiful culture. New Delhi is a capital of this country and it is a major commercial city of India. After independence, India formed its constitution system very successfully and it maintained cordial relations with most nations. In this thickly populated country we can explore largest military, advanced machinery, technology, incredible history, culture, industries, foundries, factories, software companies and much more.

most highly populated india

In this beautiful country we can see and find all decent things but we can’t seek a pure and quality education. It is now really a biggest problem among us. Because, education is a very important need to all, without a good education any one can’t get proper knowledge. Also we knew that knowledge is power and education is like a weapon. So every person need minimum degree qualification.

This country has very poor and less literacy rate. Also some villages of India are not getting genuine education. Quality education is now only available in metropolitan cities and in other towns. Only some NRI and other foreign institutes providing quality education to students by taking higher amount of money. Now a day’s this type of institutes are also coming to small villages (rural areas) of India. This is really a bad and worst situation running in India.

The History of India's Education:

Every country history is mainly based on the geography of that country. Same as education history is depends up on the system of that country. Before 1947 in India, only some government (Under British) related universities provided a minimum degree courses to students. At that time India shows very poor percentage in education. To get higher qualification, students have to go abroad universities. That was really a big punishment to them. Because, At that time there is no sufficient facilities like transport, roads, railway stations, airports and bus stands in India. So in that reason only some talented and rich family related persons are have a chance to go to abroad universities for further education. Why this all situations happened? Because, at that time there is no development, British government thickly rolling India’s people and they are turned India’s people in to slaves of them. After brought peace revolution by “Mahatma Gandhi” India’s people gained a great freedom. Gandhi is really a world best freedom fighter forever and we have to remember him always.

The History of India's Education

Current Situation:

The present education system in India is too different to before 1947 education. Now we can see many major changes and improvements made in education system. There are number of universities, thousands of institutes now built in India and offering hundreds of courses like BSc, B.COM, BA, BED, B.TECH, MBBS, LL.B and other professional courses. This is really a big improvement made in India.

Current Situation of Indias Education

India’s education is mainly divided into six different levels such as elementary, secondary, preprimary, primary, under graduation and post graduation. The curriculum of Indian school education was prepared and designed by national council of educational research and training. This curriculum will be renewal on every five years. And all technical education courses are maintained by AICTE (All India Council For Technical Education).

Government of India banned child labor to children’s does not enter unsafe working conditions. According to our current estimation 80% of students completing normal school studies and 20% of students are going to degree courses. Now in India 69 % of candidates including man and woman are started their graduation and other 31 % of candidates not interested to continue their education career (with some other problems).

Government Help:

Government is the major provider of education resources in India. All education related funds comes from Gov., now India’s government providing many resources to students like text books, note books, food for poor children's, computers, scholar ships, free hostel facilities and much more. And also in some states of India like Andhra Pradesh government providing fee reimbursement offer to candidates who secure minimum 55% in their end exams without more than two backlogs. This is really a good offer to those students who want to get higher studies without paying penny.

government of india help for poor students

When we compared abroad education system with India’s education, we can see many major benefits in this country. Because, India has a world best and strongest family relationships, every parent is now trying to give minimum education to their children’s. And government is also trying to develop education in India.

Education For Women:

Women, by no means is inferior to man in any respect and can perform all functions equally well or perhaps even better. Now a day’s woman’s are joining and participating in all working conditions. Also many private and government companies now are giving first preference to women’s, to give jobs. Because, woman’s can change and adjust themselves according to any situation and they can solve any big problem very easily better than man with peace. Also Women’s are the back bone of our world and without a woman’s this world is nothing. So we have to respect and appreciate our woman’s.

Education For Indian Womens

Women education percentage is now better than before 2000. But also in some villages, girls are not interested and ending their education career only with school studies. Because, they have no sufficient facilities like colleges, schools, faculty, books and they are also suffering with personal problems. Now this situation is better, many parents are joining their girl children’s in to higher education. Also we have to increase women education in all countries. Because, only education can turn their life’s and brings them in to the higher stage. To live in this wildest society every women need minimum education qualification.

Government of India and other organizations are also helping and providing some main resources to women’s to improve their education, this is a really appreciated.

Private Institutes:

Before 20th century education is like a grace of god to students. But now it was really turned in to high profitable business by highly developed private institutes. In year 2013 we can find more than 2 laksh colleges and hundreds of universities. This is one best grow really and with a hundreds of institutes many students have a chance to get higher education. But all private institutes are not providing pure education to students. Some big institutes are starting their journey in education and building their colleges only to make money.

Lots of private institutes now built in india

But, by studying in private institutes students can get many benefits. Also some private institutes are providing good education to students with better goals, senior faculty, developed system and some facilities like internet (Wi-Fi), campus interviews, food and more.

Distance Learning:

To provide education to all, The central government established the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)in 1985. But, the first open university in the country was established by state government of Andhra Pradesh in 26th August, 1982. That is Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Open University (BRAOU), formerly known as Andhra Pradesh Open University. Also India’s government launched distance leaning system in some other universities like JNTU, ANUCDE, AU and OU etc. These all open universities will be maintained by Distance Education Council (DEC). DEC is one of the authorities of the IGNOU, which is to promote the Open Learning Systems and coordination of standard of such systems in the country. The DEC provides technical and financial help to the Distance Education Institutes in the country. This is really a good chance to those candidates who want start and continue their education career. This is also a better way to get higher education like Degree, PG, PhD and M.Phil. The main benefit of this distance learning is students don’t need to go to or attend regular classes and they can appear any course from their living room. This distance learning is mainly designed for house wives, job holders and other professionals in India. Now many students are joining and completing their education using this distance learning.

Distance learning facilities in india

India Map:

Final Words:

In this world every human being mainly need food, fresh oxygen, pure water, shelter etc. but now education is also turned in to a very important need to all, so every person need education.

After many changes, India’s education system is still continuing its journey. Now India has a great chance to develop and improve education with using latest resources and increased youth. We hope, this best country will continue its education journey very successfully.

That's all, thanks.

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