September 9, 2013

Most Important Points and Instructions For ECET Examination

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Manohara Raju Makaraju

We are already published a complete structure of Andhra Pradesh ECET [FDH & B.Sc. (Mathematics)] examination in our previous post. Now in this post we are going to provide some salient instructions for this great engineering common entrance test. These are very important points for those scholars who are going to appear ECET examination. These points will helpful to you to understand what is the system of ECET? And what you have to do and don’t on before the test, during the test and after the test. So follow these instructions and rules carefully and appear ECET exam successfully. After reading all points if you still have any doubt(s) about the test you can get answers by asking us through using below comment form.

ap ecet most important points to remember

Cares That You Have To Take Before The Test:

  1. Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) degree obtained students are not eligible for admission into any bio technology and bachelor of pharmacy courses through ECET exam.
  2. Chose the correct regional center for appearing the test because once a center chosen by you it will not be changed.
  3. Before filling the online application form of ECET all candidates are should have to see & read all given instructions in the instructions booklet carefully.
  4. All candidates are must have to submit their online ECET application form before given last date. If the last date is completed then the candidates have to pay late fee with their submission.
  5. As per the rules of reservation some branches like naval architecture & marine engineering, bio medical engineering etc. seats only reserved for local area candidates. Because, this type of branches only offered by very few institutes in some regions.
  6. All scholars should have to understand, for admission into any particular branch of degree program (engineering/ first preference will be given to candidates who have gained the diploma in same branch. For example, to get seat in electronics and communication engineering (ECE), candidates have to complete/obtain their diploma in ECE. Any seats still vacant shall be filled with students who have earned diploma in any branch of engineering on the basis of the integrated merit ranking in ECET.
  7. Submission, payment and registration of application forms will be accepted only through online (website). And payment only can be made through any E-SEVA, MEE SEVA, and AP online centers or through credit card, debit card with using the payment gateway service provided by ECET official website.
  8. At examination center all the applied candidates should have to bring Xerox copy/printout of hall ticket and the online submitted application form with attached passport size photograph (should be same as that of uploaded) and attest gazatted stamp and sign.

Rules During The Test:

  1. At the examination center/hall every student should have to admit before examination time (10:00 AM) and must have to stay until the test completed. Any candidate is not permitted to leave the room before 01:00 PM.
  2. Any electronic devices like mobiles, tablets, calculators etc. and mathematical tables are not permitted in examination hall.
  3. Immediately after receiving OMR answer sheet while examination make sure that sheet given to you contains your photography, full name, hall ticket number and other particulars correctly. If any error or discrepancy brought with it then quickly inform that to invigilator.
  4. Every FDH (Polytechnic) candidate must have to ensure that she/he is answering the correct question paper booklet of their concerned branch.
  5. Before start answering you must have to check you received the correct answer sheet and question paper corresponding to you & your course.
  6. Exchange the question paper of your ECET exam immediately by informing invigilator incase you receive a booklet with too many errors/mistakes.
  7. In the examination hall any additional answer sheets and loose papers will not be provided and allowed. And rough work should be done only in the provided place.
  8. Writing hall ticket number, irrelevant matters including religions symbols, prayers, words etc. in any part of the OMR response sheet will be strictly forbidden. If any one wrote this kind of things and adopts other malpractice they will be treated/considered as criminals, their answer sheets will not be valued.
  9. Do not over write on the answer sheet and only use blue/black ink ball point pen to shade the appropriate circles. And you can also use HB pencil to shade circles but don’t erase any shaded circles or don’t use any eraser. If the circles shaded using any other pencil other then HB or if more than one circle is shaded against each question the answer sheet will be invalid.
  10. The rank will not be declare in case a candidate not entered his/her correct & proper booklet code, serial number, hall ticket number and other details on OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) answer sheet in the test.
  11. Every candidate should have to check their questions booklet, OMR answer sheet and leaflet for their and invigilator appended signature on the space provided before leaving the examination hall.
  12. In case any one caught during the activity of malpractice the punishment will be given as per rules.
  13. After the completion of entrance test all scholars must return both the OMR answer sheet and acknowledgement slip (leaflet) to the invigilator. If any one forget and failure to return any of the above that shall be construed as malpractice in the examination.

After The Test:

  1. After announcing results students are strictly prohibited to request for revaluation, retotaling and personal identification of answer scripts.
  2. Students have to remember that ECET answer scripts only disposed after six months from the date of publication of results.
  3. Candidates are advised to download & preserve the instructions booklet in PDF file format provided in the official website and keep the question paper booklet of their test with them.
  4. All legal matters pertaining to the ECET shall be with in the jurisdiction of the high court, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh state only.

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      Hi bujji thank you for your comment. But i don't understand your question because the admissions process of ECET 2013 is completed so there is no use by downloading your challan now. If you want it anyway then first logon to official website of ECET web counseling and click on candidate login button in main menu and enter your personal details and finally login to your account. After sign in next you'll need to press allotment order link and next you can see a link download your challan. That's all.

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