November 24, 2013

Connect Third Party Education Apps To Google Drive

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Manohara Raju Makaraju

There is a great connection is between education and internet in recent days. Because, now the internet is becoming a more powerful and very useful place to explore education and source to enhance knowledge. We knew, now every student using the internet service for getting educational information. Not only for information have many students around the world are spending more time in online for learning some vide variety of online courses like HTML, CSS, JAVA etc. this is really big improvement and wonderful because the internet is unbelievably changing the education system in every country. We hope this type of connection will be continuing to strong in future.

how to connect 3rd party educational apps to google drive

By the latest strict rules of government in education and unexpected competition between private institutes now every institute offering an advanced digital library and Wi-Fi facility for their students. And trying to build and provide big digital library facility for their valuable students. Also we can see number of cyber cafes sprouting in recent days like mushrooms. In this way the internet users are unbelievably increased. Those students who browsing internet they all are using many useful online services and tools for enhancing their educational skills. And also using different types of secured online drives or file hosting services for uploading and storing their important documents on the web like Image files (.JPEG, .PNG, etc.), Video files (WebM, .MPEG4, .3GPP, etc.), etc. Google drive is also one of the top and wonderful place to store and access your any educational files from anywhere within seconds by login to your account. Using the Google drive service you can make and edit different types of documents online and at a same time you can share them personally to your friends, family and to public also. Now millions of people around the world using this best online files storage service for improving their commercial, professional, educational career. In this way the Google drive team is frequently updating their website version (layout design, features and services) for providing best service to their registered loyal customers.

About Third Party Apps:

Apps service is the most useful and ultimate feature in Google drive for creating great documents online and Google drive is now also offering connecting best external or third party apps to your account for more improvement. By integrating third party apps to Google drive account you can improve and extend features of your drive immediately. Now there are many types of 3rd party apps available on Google drive for their users. Those are categories in following entertainment, business, social & communication, games, lifestyle, news, education etc. The all apps are published by Google chrome web store but they are made by different partners or developers. Those 3rd party apps are implemented to drive because only for improving drive services and giving the best service to their customers. The all apps will be updated frequently every day or week and many new apps will be added to the list.

In that third party apps list we can also find out many useful educational apps for students and teachers that are tagged or categorized under education. To learn how to view and connect that 3rd party educational apps to your Google drive follow our guidance provided in below carefully.

How To Connect 3rd Party Educational Apps?

  • For integrating third party education apps to your account first of all you should have to sign in to your registered Google drive account with using your Email ID and password.
  • For sign in to your account you should have to logon to Google drive official website by using Google menu located at right side top corner or directly browse see below picture for idea.
  • google drive login help
  • After log in to your account successfully next the following home page of your Google drive will be loaded immediately with including details of all your uploaded personal and publicly shared files.
  • google drive account home page
  • From here the tutorial is going to be split in to two parts because there are two ways to view, manage and connect Google drive apps. So the first part of tutorial is here.
  • First Method:
  • In your Drive account click on right side top corner small Settings button like below picture. Now there will be one drop down menu loaded with different options. There just chose or press Manage Apps option.
  • google drive settings button
  • Here we go, now you will see one popup manage apps window with list of apps have been connected to your drive.
  • In that window now click on connect more apps link.
  • manage google drive apps
    Part Two:
  • or you can directly view all apps by clicking Connect More Apps button under Create button that will be in left side navigation menu like below screen shot.
  • connect more apps to google drive
  • After pressing connect more apps link next you'll see all successfully loaded third party apps on your computer screen in another popup window.
  • connect third party apps to google drive
  • There you have to click on All button for list of all categories and next just have to change All option to Education option in that drop down menu.
  • view educational google drive apps
  • Now you will get all educational apps on your screen with including some details like number of users each app have, rating and picture of app with short description when hover on the app.
  • google drive educational third party apps
  • For getting full details of each app just click on your desired app and get overview with more sliding pictures, video demonstration, user reviews, version and language details and more.
  • And to connect your desired app finally click on + Connect button like picture showing below.
  • connecting google drive educational apps
  • That's all now you're done after pressing + Connect button finally your desired app will be connected and placed in your apps list like screen shot showing in below. So you can use that app at any time for creating something new in online.
  • Also you can make them default program by checking Use By Default option.
  • connected 3rd party google drive education apps

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