February 15, 2014

Preparation Tips For Andhra Pradesh ICET Exam

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Manohara Raju Makaraju

ICET is a one of the main common entrance tests conducted by APSCHE in Andhra Pradesh state. This is an integrated common entrance test for admission into M.B.A and M.C.A courses at all institutes of universities and their affiliated colleges across the state. The ICET is mainly being conducted by Kakatiya University in every year since 5 years on behalf of state council of higher education (APSCHE). At every year number of students appearing this test for obtaining a seat in their desired course. But, without taking good preparation any one can’t get merit rank in this exam. So for gaining good rank by every student that those who are going to write this exam we published this exclusive and ultimate ICET preparation tips hardly gathered by us. So let’s continue reading our study tips and secure top rank.

Preparation Tips For AP ICET Exam

It is not so easy to get top rank in any entrance test but with good preparation and little hard work it is really possible to get at least good rank. Now in this post first we’ll discuss about on which aspect a student should need to focus on before exam and during exam, how the question paper pattern will be, how to score maximum marks etc. So let’s start reading all tips for ICET in section wise of syllabus. Many students can’t obtaining minimum pass marks in this test at first attempt that those who seeking for admission into these valuable courses even they passed degree without backlogs. So for many reasons, we prepared this preparation tips for all kind of students to score at least minimum pass marks in ICET.

ICET Exam Pattern General Information:

ICET exam contains total 200 multiple choice or also called objective questions. Each correct answer will carries 1 mark and there are no negative marks for any wrong answer in this test. And total time for written test is 150 minutes or 2:30 hours. The total 200 questions has been divided into 3 sections like A, B & C that are following first section C is analytical ability contains total 75 questions, section B is mathematical ability with 75 questions and final or third section C is communication ability with total 50 questions. This is the division for total 200 questions. And also each these sections have been divided into separate parts that are explained in following.

  • If we see, parts in each main section the first section analytical ability contains first 20 questions from data sufficiency, 5 questions from data interpretation and 5 more from Venn diagram under data analysis, and remaining 45 from reasoning under main section problem solving with total 55 questions.
  • Next as well as if you see mathematical ability section it will contains two parts like arithmetic and pure math’s. The first minimum 35 to 40 questions will come from arithmetic and another 35 or 40 questions will come from pure math’s.
  • Finally if we see the third section it will looks like a normal communication related section. But it is absolutely test on English. In this section first 5 questions come from computer terminology, 5 from business terminology, 10 from vocabulary, 15 from grammar and finally remaining 15 from reading comprehension.

The above listed pattern was strictly maintained from starting of this ICET exam since last 10 years. So this system will be exactly followed by the university in conducting of test. If any changes made in syllabus of test then that will be updated immediately by us.

Questions Pattern From Data Sufficiency:

In total 20 questions of data sufficiency first 15 or 16 questions will come from arithmetic and pure math’s. And sometimes 3 to 4 questions coming from reasoning based. So if we see arithmetic and pure math’s there are more chances to have first 16 to 17 questions. So you have to focus on basic chapters from fundamentals of mathematics like equations, percentage, coordinates, sets etc. because, all main questions mainly coming from fundamentals and they don’t asking questions from hard and depth topics.

Questions Pattern From Problem Solving:

The part with name Problem solving under Analytical Ability section is mainly contains total 55 questions and is divided into 4 divisions with small letters like a, b, c & d that are explained in following way.

a. Sequence & Series:

If we take 25 questions in this first division the first 15 questions will come from combined topics like number series, letter series, number analogies and letter analogies. And remaining 10 will contains questions from odd man out. This is the pattern of total 25 questions from sequence & series.

Remaining 30 Questions From Problem Solving:

In remaining 30 questions first 10 questions will come from data analysis, 10 from coding & decoding problems and finally another 10 from date, time & arrangement problems.

Tips To Candidates For These 30 Questions:

If you check last 2 or 3 years papers the first 10 questions under problem solving compulsory coming from coding & decoding problems. There are mainly two sets coming and in that two sets one set will coming easily and another set will containing experiment problems. So first if you do and practice coding & decoding problems then you don’t need to worry about easy topics. And can do even any new problem easily without confusion. If you understand the logic carefully then you have a chance to gather 10 out of 10 marks in this division. As well as, in division (d) data, time & arrangement problems the major 10 questions will come from important topics like clock & calendars, blood-relationships, seating arrangements, direction sense, arrivals, interpretation, departures and schedules, symbol & notation.

Tips For Section (B) Mathematical Ability:

In this section B there are mainly 3 parts like arithmetical ability with 35 questions, algebraical & geometrical ability with 35 questions and finally statistical ability with 10 questions. In statistical ability first 5 questions will come from statistics, frequency distribution, mean, median, mode, standard deviations and correlation and another 5 simple problems from probability. Many students after knowing about probability they are generally referring inter mediate level books only. But that is absolutely wrong because the paper also containing questions from basic fundamentals under 10th class level mathematics. So it is better to practice basic problems under 8th, 9th and 10th class standard mathematics. If you practice that level of math’s then you can do mathematical section easily in ICET main paper. So basics are very important in this section.

Also during exam the mathematical section will contains minimum 25 to 30 questions on formula based. So there will not be any variation between arts students, commerce student and science student in this part. All students have a chance to get good marks from this type of questions. Because, if you know the formula for that formula based question then you can get one mark by marking correct answer in answer booklet. So by just learning basic fundamental formulas you can easily gain 25 to 30 marks in this section. If you learn basic concepts you can also attempt answers of remaining 25 to 30 questions. So there is a chance to attempt 50 to 55 questions approximately out of 75 questions in this section.

Questions Pattern From Section (C) Communication Ability:

Communication Ability also has 4 parts that are following vocabulary with 10 questions, business & computer terminology with 10, functional grammar with 15 and finally reading comprehension with 15. If you read basics of computers and business you can easily attempt 6 to 7 out of 10 questions in business & computer terminology part. In vocabulary part there will be 6 questions on synonym & antonym and 4 to 5 questions on fill in the blanks. If you want to revise in last moment about importance of grammar then try to see statement, verbs and conversations because 6 to 7 questions will come from these topics.

How To Score Maximum Marks In Communication Ability?

If you have less time period for preparation then don’t try to focus on vocabulary in this meantime because vocabulary is like an ocean. If we once fall into the middle of ocean then we should need to swim continuously forward or other then we'll be sink and die. Same as for learning and improving vocabulary we should need to spend minimum six months or one year of time. It is enough is you learned and practiced words so far. Next more focus on reading comprehension because it will contains total 15 questions. You can get 10 to 15 marks in this topic even if you think English is difficult language to learn, you don’t know English and it is very hard to you. In this part there will be three passages and each passage contains 5 questions. If you follow this way of study you can score happily 30 to 40 marks approximately in communication ability even if you leave vocabulary related questions.

Final Most Important Tips:

  • Start reading and practicing before 4 months to main exam.
  • If you feel uncomfortable to study in living room then directly go to your nearest library and continue reading your material in the peaceful place of library. And also library will helpful to you in many ways like gathering latest news updates about ICET, gaining preparation guides, materials and much more that you need for preparation.
  • Underline useful matter during reading books and gather important points from books and note down them in scribbling books for referring quickly when it is necessary.
  • Test yourself by writing various free online ICET mock tests.
  • Download old and model question papers from online.
  • Follow own planning for good preparation.
  • Try to cover and read all topics as much as possible.
  • Practice makes man perfect so try to practice more times as much you can.
  • Work harder for gaining merit rank.
  • Join the nearest best coaching institute for learning how to crack difficult questions.
  • If you have less time, then do not try to learn new topics and just revise only all topics that you already learned.
  • If you feel some topics tough in mathematical ability then simply revise following important topics equations, ratio, percentage, profit & loss, numbers, geometry mensuration, diamond work and diamond distance in arithmetic. And also see coordinate geometry, trigonometry, statistics and matrices in pure math’s for gaining good marks in math’s section.
  • And stop reading before one day to exam and only revise previously learned topics.
  • Take good food and rest one day before to exam.
  • After attempting all questions that you know answers next in last few minutes also attempt all other questions that you don’t know even. Because of benefit of no negative marking system
  • After solving every question in question paper immediately mark that answer on OMR answer sheet for do not losing mark. Because every single marks will be count. Many students doing this mistake so try to avoid this kind of small mistakes.
  • Always remember that in every question paper there will be easy, moderate difficult and difficult questions part. But by reading first 1 to 10 difficult questions don’t decide and feel yourself that the overall paper is so hard. Just remember one thing, have a hope that the next question is going to be easy.
  • With tension we can’t write even known answer. So first attempt all known questions slowly by seeking in order wise without feeling tension because no one going to kill you even if you fail in this test.
  • In given time limit don’t focus most time on single difficult question. If you balance the time by covering all areas of paper you can score good marks.
  • If you are studying 1st or 2nd year of degree course and would you wish to test yourself by attempting ICET exam then you can happily apply for it. But you are not eligible to participate in counseling conducted immediately after written test for seat allotment even you get rank.
  • Read every question carefully more than 2 times for understanding perfectly.
  • There is no chance to erase mistake that you made by marking wrong answer in OMR answer sheet because the circle have to be shaded only by blue or black ink ball point pen only as per rules. So if you try to erase that mistake your OMR sheet will be soiled and rejected. So think twice before answering any question.

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  1. Nice article.. It helps more

    1. Thanks for your valuable comment ram mohan. Stay tuned to us for more ICET related exclusive articles and tutorials.

  2. ICET entrance book is best?

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. Yes, it is better to buy and refer few best and useful ICET relevant books for obtaining merit rank. Here we providing list of some recommended books with publisher name for good preparation.

      1. ICET MBA & MCA (- Vijetha Competitions)
      2. ICET MBA & MCA (- Deepthi publications)
      3. Verbal and non Verbal Reasoning (- R.S.Agrawal)
      4. Quantitative Aptitude (- R.S.Agrawal)

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    1. Thanks for your feedback, stay connected on Facebook for more ICET related articles and interesting videos...

  4. Replies
    1. Try following books,

      1. ICET MBA & MCA (- Vijetha Competitions)
      2. ICET MBA & MCA (- Deepthi publications)
      3. Verbal and non Verbal Reasoning (- R.S.Agrawal)
      4. Quantitative Aptitude (- R.S.Agrawal)

  5. helloo...i am in my final year of my degree...this year i am going to apply for ICET...at present i started my preparation...i have no idea of any coaching centers at my place....so i need to prepare all by myself...so please suggest me some books which help me to cover all portions of the syllabus pattern of ICET exam....hope u will reply soon so as to make my preparation faster...thank u

    1. Thanks for comment Baby. Here we providing few best books that we recommend. So let's try to buy any one of them.

      1. ICET MBA & MCA (- Vijetha Competitions)
      2. ICET MBA & MCA (- Deepthi publications)
      3. Verbal and non Verbal Reasoning (- R.S.Agrawal)
      4. Quantitative Aptitude (- R.S.Agrawal)

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  8. Hi,I have passed out my Bacholer Degree in 2004 ,still willing to do MBA.I have submitted my APICET Application form few days back,and also preparing for same ,but i know very few days are left as the exam is on 16th may 2015,need your help,please guide me on what topics I should focus to get good marks.Waiting for reply.

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