February 13, 2014

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Manohara Raju Makaraju

Dear Study Bucket great readers and true fans welcome to our about us page. In this official about us page you can get basic introduction to our website, find some most important information & aims of our organization behind this website, about our ultimate team members and something about the founder of Study Bucket Organization.

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By the grace of god and through the kind patronage of the learned authors and team members this Study Bucket that started its first journey in 2013. Study Bucket is an education blog also called as Edublog on short form, and it is a worldwide educational development organization founded by Manohara Raju Makaraju. Being encouraged by friends and colleagues we feel great pleasure to place this site before the readers. This advanced and ultimate education blog is actually established on December, 2012 at India. But, it was officially started publishing posts from August, 2013. The first post of this blog was published on Thursday, August 15, 2013. And the headquarters of this organization is at Andhra Pradesh, India. This site is using a specially designed advanced Skyfall theme, it has an unbelievable and unique features. After launching this blog we have received very good responses from our wonderful audience and from other unique visitors around the world. We wish to thank all of our daily readers for their continuous encouragement and support to grow up this blog. And all valuable comments, suggestions and questions for improvement of this blog will be highly appreciated.

Study Bucket knows the power of education and also know how it can change the world. We can describe this Study Bucket as a online shadow of the real education world and is a source to find all education related latest news, career guidance, articles, information, tutorials and much more. This site gathers all official latest announcements, information and news updates around the world quickly and only from the websites that are being approved and managed officially by government of particular country. We don’t accept and strictly prohibited updates from other private websites and blogs. Every post of this blog is written in a lucid, easy and simple language to understand. Since each post is the work of several persons, the posts are not signed. Most of the posts are written by members of our editorial staff. Each post published has been reviewed and finalized by two or more persons (senior golden authors).

This site is founded to provide as much information of interest to the general reader as is possible within an illustrated set. Although children as young as nine or ten can understand much of the post, the content is not juvenile and the level of detail is sufficient for basic reference use by persons of any age. In our every previous post we tried to give maximum detailed and informative high quality content to all of our unique readers. And we don’t allow abusing, violated, copied and other unwanted content to publish. This site included many major topics related to education and has ultimate genuine content. We are also trying to cover all education related topics and we confidently hope that the blog will be helpful and useful to you always in many ways. Use it to study or write a report on broad subject, use it to look up quick reference questions etc.

Why We Only Chosen education?

Because, education is one and only life long valuable property of a person, through education we can get some satisfaction, hopes, desires and courage. Only education has a chance to change the entire life of a person. And on this earth any property of a particular person can be easily stolen by others without knowing him. But, any one can’t steal his owned education without knowing him. It is true, education will lives forever. Education is one of the top ten topics in the world, in this current situation every person need some minimum qualification. "The growth and development of a nation largely depends upon its citizens education". And with a thrived education system we can develop other things in the world very easily. So, we chosen education our major topic and finally decided to grow education in the world first.


The main aim of this site is to spread pure knowledge to all people, help all students around the world and to increase literacy rate in the world, especially in Asian countries like India, China, Pakistan etc. and in countries under Africa continent like Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Congo, Niger etc. and in some more slowly developing countries. In this purpose, we are first trying to bring India’s education system into its next level. This is an ultimate war with education. It doesn't means a terrible war it's just a peace fight like a Mahatma Gandhi. He fought for freedom and now we are fighting for a quality education. We hope, this little big fight will bring a great arouse in the world and move education system into its next stage. To reach our great goal we have to cross many major competitors in the web world. And also we need to improve our strength. It’s just a beginning of this blog and we can’t estimate what happened next. So we need your support also. If you would like our aims then you can also join and hand together with us in this little ultimate online rise by liking our official page on Facebook.

Study Bucket Team Members

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Manohara is a founder & CEO of this amazing corresponding blog of Study Bucket Organization. He is a author, educational developer and a professional web architect from India. He was born on 1991 at AP, India. Manohar obtained diploma in polytechnic from SBTET and an engineering degree in electronics and communication from JNTU. He wrote and discussed many things over education on this site. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Or send him an email at manu@studybucket.org.

Sasi Parvathi Mandhapati

Sasi is a co-author of this blog. She has obtained double degree on Master of Science and Bachelor of Education courses. Since she starts working at Study Bucket she has written many incredible articles on this blog and she is a classical author and educational developer from India. She is also founder of Funloud Social Media.

Message from the founder:

In my thought, education is like a treasure. To earn this treasure we have to do some little hard work and have to wait until some time. On this planet earth, only through the education humans can seek, explore, study, understand, know, learn and do anything easily. And can enhance themselves into a one perfect all knowing persons.

Some Exclusive Posts Which We Published:

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Manohara Raju Makaraju is a professional blogger, engineer, businessman, web designer, educational developer, classical author and founder of Study Bucket organization. And he has written 0 great posts on this Website. Read more about him on . Email: manu@studybucket.org

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