February 4, 2014

Top 10 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions For Education

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Manohara Raju Makaraju

Internet is really a good place to explore world and to stay connected with world. We know, in this days almost all countries students and teachers using technology and internet in many ways for enhancing their educational knowledge and skills. Also internet is an ultimate place to get new educational updates, knowing about latest innovations, learning new things, teaching what we know, connecting with famous persons and celebrities on social networks etc. Internet now turns into most important thing in everybody life for sharing personal life, getting new updates, connecting each other and for many more things internet is useful that we can’t talk in single page. For using this great useful internet services we are using various types of best web browsers like internet explorer (IE) of Microsoft Company, Opera developed by Opera Software, Chrome from Google, Safari from Apple Company, and Mozilla Firefox from Mozilla Corporation etc. These all best browsers will support many types of Add-ons or also called extensions for improving web browsing experience of their users and for enhancing appearance of browsers. There are many developers are born in this world for creating new Add-ons to these top level browsers with different types of innovative ideas and services. There are already thousands of extensions now available in online for each browser in various categories like Games, entertainment, web development, social & communication, security, alerts & updates, news etc. Education is also one of the most popular categories in the extensions list. Many famous developers from their community already made various extensions or also called tools or applications for students, teachers in educational purpose. And now many developers are trying to make many more useful education Add-ons to such top browsers.

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser Add-ons Tree

Mozilla Firefox is a most widely used web browser in whole world and it is a one of the top internet browsers with lots of extensions. This browser also supports vide variety of latest Add-ons specially developed for it. Many students around the world are mostly depending on this fastest browser in education purpose. Using all featured and helpful extensions offered by Firefox many students are easily improving their internet skills with pleasure. For the purpose of sharing all such kind of good and top 10 education extensions to you we made this post. So let’s know about them in this ultimate post exclusively published by us. We hope, these all most useful extensions will helpful in education development of you. These all extensions are specially recommended by us to all students, teachers and to those who wish to learn online while browsing. Following list describe the full features and uses of each extension and how to use them in education. The all extensions are free of cost to install and use. But remember that the most of following list of extensions only for desktop users and many of these Add-ons will not support with mobile version of browser.

Introduction To Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox is a free and much secured super speed web browser designed and developed by Mozilla Corporation and was officially released its first version on 9th February, 2003. After few years later from its official release it gets huge number of users around the world and becomes world most popular web browser in less time. According to the Mozilla estimation it has more than 450 million users in all over world. This browser will get silent background updates run safely number of times in whole year with latest versions and features for keeping Firefox plugins, add-ons etc. up to date, for improving high performance of browser like easy search, tabs, smart keywords, one click bookmarking etc. and for increasing more enjoyable browsing experience of users. So it never stops receiving new updates and we can’t tell what the current version of this browser is because it will not stop updating on particular version. It supports with all latest computers, operating systems and mobile phones with quick loading facility and advanced security for their users privacy. This browser now has powerful personalization like themes, add-ons etc.

mozilla firefox web browser logo new

What Are Firefox Add-ons?

Add-ons are exactly like apps that let you add entirely new features to your browser and change the appearance, behavior and way of your browser works. Add-ons are easy way to customize and personalize your browser style any way you like. There are large number of Add-ons now available online from amazing Mozilla community for free. So you can install and use any desired extension for free of cost from official website of Firefox extensions.

mozilla firefox add-ons logo new

Uses of Firefox Add-ons In Education:

Add-ons in Firefox browser are most useful applications for knowing and learning new things from Web at the same time during browsing. Many extensions will helpful to save useful web pages easily to our hard disc for referring later, we can use extensions to find meaning of any difficult word in webpage from various online dictionaries at the same time, translate webpages to our local language for easily reading and understanding, capture and print any useful webpages for our educational projects and also there are many more uses and can do many more things with these extensions for improving our education.

Procedure To Install Add-ons:

  • First of all for installing any Add-on to your Firefox browser you should have to click on + Add to Firefox button looks in green color under title and description of particular Add-on webpage like below screen shot.
  • how to install firefox add-ons
  • Just after pressing on that green button next one important message will be displayed from navigation toolbar in front of search box of your browser like “Firefox prevented this site (addons.mozilla.org) from asking you to install software on your computer”.
  • After reading that message successfully next hit Allow button under that message box. That means you allowed that Add-on to download.
  • Next Add-on will be downloaded immediately within seconds to your computer and next one popup window will be displayed and asked you to click install button for starting installation process of Add-on in your browser. If you want to install that Add-on then click on Install Now button. That means you agreed and allowed that Add-on to install in your browser. See below example picture.
  • install firefox add-on to browser
  • Next one new message will be displayed under navigation toolbar like your desired Add-on has been installed successfully.
  • Next once restart your browser for using and seeing the working of that Add-on.
  • And Finally you can see that Add-on in installed extensions list of your browser. That's all You're done.
  • You can use enable and disable options in browser Add-ons page for controlling and managing particular extension.
  • Follow the same procedure to download and install any desired extension from official Add-ons website of Mozilla.

List of Top 10 Firefox Add-ons For Education

#1 FastestFox:

Fastest Fox - Browse Faster - Firefox Browser Extension

This FastestFox was developed by Yongqian Li. It was formerly called "SmarterFox" and "Smarter Wikipedia". The number one feature of this Add-on for education is Searching Definitions easily. Through using this feature you can instantly get definition of any difficult or new word in the webpage by highlighting that unknown word. The definition of that selected word or text will be displayed immediately on your screen in the popup bubble body of the same webpage without going to new page and don't leaving current page. And also using this feature you can search definition or details of any selected word or some desired text in the webpage in various online dictionaries and search engines like Google, Wikipedia, Surf Canyon, DuckDuckGo etc. The another great feature of this extension is the next page of particular webpage will automatically loaded in below of your browser window immediately before you scroll down to below and do not waiting long time for next page. And also using this extension you can turn any selected text into URL links for saving. This Add-on looks simply and works faster and better without nonsense. So this is the first and best extension that can helpful to all online learners to learn more things and to improve education skills easily and quickly. See above image for screen shots and click below Install Now button to go to official portal for starting installation process now.

Install Now

#2 ImTranslator:

Imtranslator - online translator and dictionary extension for firefox

ImTranslator is the second best featured extension for Firefox browser in education category. Also this is one of the most popular and highly demanded Add-ons for Firefox. After installing this unbelievable Add-on next you can translate any difficult language text into your local or desired language text for better reading and easy understanding. Through this extension you can access more than 66 languages around the world with the help of some online translators powered by Google Translator, Microsoft, Babylon etc. You can also translate some selected text or even word in the webpage into your desired language through this app and the completed translation result will be displayed in popup bubble immediately in the same page. This great translator also included some other incredible features like Text to speech, dictionaries, back translation etc.

+ Add To Firefox

#3 Multi Dictionary Lookup:

Multi Dictionary Lookup Firefox Add-on

With the help of this best online tool you can quickly lookup and get detailed definition of any selected word or text in the webpage from one of several top search engines and online dictionaries. This is very helpful to all students, teachers and online learners. For example, if you saw any new word in the online article then just select or highlight that word with cursor and next this App will appear with different options there now select your desired option for quick results.

+ Add To Firefox

#4 Print Pages To PDF:

Print Pages To PDF Through Firefox Browser

Here we go, this is another top extension for education from Firefox. By installing this ultimate Add-on anyone can create and save useful and desired open webpage or amount of multiple open pages from browser tabs to their hard disc in PDF format within seconds and can printout through printer with any standard PDF viewer. The all pages and documents that you saved they all are will be preserved and archived in your computer for viewing at any time. And also you can send that created PDF page to your friends and family through E-mail.

+ Add To Firefox

#5 Wired-Marker:

Wired Marker - Firefox Add-on

Wired Marker is a one of the featured Add-ons in Firefox. The main use of this Add-on is directly Highlighting and saving important Text or matter with various colors on useful webpages. This is some kind of electronic bookmark that serves as a guide when you revisit a web page. This highlighter comes in various colors and styles. For example, if you highlight a some important paragraphs or texts in green and red colors in a web page then that entire page content and with including that paragraphs will automatically recorded in scrapbook and saved. So you can visit that page at any time from preserved list. This extension is exclusively developed for education purpose for free of cost.

+ Add To Firefox

#6 Evernote Web Clipper:

Evernote Web Clipper Logo

For using this featured and most useful extension you should have to create account in Evernote. After installing this add-on and creating new account or log in to old account next you can save any thing or important stuff that you see and like in web into your Evernote account to view when you want. For example, you can save any desired article, images, text part, URL of page, entire web page etc. And there are many features now available from Evernote for education.

+ Add To Firefox

#7 Capture & Print:

Capture & Print - Firefox Extension

This add-on let you capture and print any desired area in a web page easily. For example, if you find any important point with images about any person or thing in a big article then you can capture only that desired part with this tool and can save and printout through your printer immediately without printing entire unwanted page. Also this add-on save and preserve that captured document in image format. Next you can also use that printed stuff in your related education project.

+ Add To Firefox

#8 Addthis:

Add This Extension For Sharing

This is a ultimate and best online tool for sharing any featured stuff in a webpage to your friends and family on various social networks. This tool now also available for Firefox. So after installing this add-on next it let you share any important and useful Web Pages to your classmates, friends and to anyone at any time through any favorite social network. And also there is E-mail service to send mail directly to a particular person. So install this add-on and share any important page to all students around the world and stay connected with online.

+ Add To Firefox

#9 Pocket:

Pocket Firefox Extension

Pocket is another featured extension to save any useful article or page to view later when you free. After installing this add-on to your browser and creating new free account next you can start saving any web page to your account reading list for viewing later. For example, if you find something new on web and at that time if you're busy then you can save that desired page and view that page later when you're free for reading. This add-on supports with all latest computers, tables and mobile phones so you can read that saved pages at any time even without an internet connection.

+ Add To Firefox

#10 Reminder Fox:

Reminder Fox Extension For Firefox

With the help of this add-on you can save all important events, dates, ToDo's and other reminders quickly to remember easily. For example, if you have some important work to do on tomorrow in your computer then you can add and save that note to your ToDo's list right in your browser for alert alarm at the exact time that you want. So you don't need to run a separate calendar or reminder application. This is absolutely freeware and no need to create account or sign in.

+ Add To Firefox

Top 10 Add-ons Video:

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