December 18, 2016

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Manohara Raju Makaraju

In every subject a student face 100 marks exam. And for a hundred marks exam, 3 hours time is available. In some examination, the time is two and half hour. Because in those subject practical exam is occurred. The actual exam is held at the end of all theoretical exam. In the academic exam, it has written part, and MCQ part. Time are also divided in here. To answer all the question properly, it is very important to distribute all the times according to marks for getting a good result. If you are a good student, want to make the right result, before an examination, get a correct knowledge about times and marks distribution and answer the question according to them. Every year student makes good result by following this tricks. For getting result online you can visit
Question Pattern of JSC Exam

It is vital to know the question patter of JSC exam to make a good result in this examination. Just follow the previous year question. It is better to see the syllabus which is provided from school. And if there any confusion, you can buy a reference book or test paper from the market. And get a clear idea of the question pattern.
Choosing Optional Subject

In all category of study, the advantage of an optional subject is available JSC exam. Choosing an optional subject is vital. Because it creates a significant impact on the jsc result 2016 BD. In the previous year, many students regret selecting a wrong optional subject. If you want to make a good result, first get a good concept about an optional subject. And talk to the senior student, what is the opportunity of an optional item, then take the decision about your optional subject.

How Many Student Approximately Attend For JSC Exam Every Year?

Attending in JSC exam is not student wishes. First, they face several exams in school. And get prepared for JSC exam. In every school, student face test exam. According to their test exam result, the school allows them to sit for JSC exam. In the present year, all school strictly follows this condition. So, no student can sit for JSC exam without passing in test exam. Every year almost 99000 students sit for JSC exam from whole Bangladesh.

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