April 17, 2017


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Manohara Raju Makaraju

Fed up with trying to find a part time job, Rebecca Gidall ditched university to develop an online service to solve the problem. PartTimer connects employers with part timers based on real time availability and proximity. Officially launched today, it’s a New Zealand first and is turning recruitment on its head.

PartTimer uses proximity based systems and advanced matching technology to connect employers with part timers based on hours available, proximity, industry preference and other customer criteria. It eliminates costly advertising and lengthy pre-screening. Job hunters register free online and employers quickly search and create a shortlist of candidates they know up front will be available to work the hours they need, within a quick commute time.

“The current part-time recruitment process is out-dated. I spent hours dropping my CV off to businesses that either didn’t have the time to see me, or weren’t looking to recruit at the time. I wanted to find a way to hook employers up with the right people who could start working the hours they needed straight away. For part timers, it’s like applying for multiple jobs with just one application.,” said Rebecca.

Rebecca and co-founder Vivian Morresey, an experienced IT entrepreneur with over 30 years experience, have spent the past four months developing the software and systems and on-boarding key employers and thousands of part timers for the January launch. They’ve developed the service to sit at the front of the recruitment process, giving employers access to a world-class recruitment system that can also work with their own internal systems if they have them. New World and Readings Cinemas are recent converts.

“We rely heavily on part timers to look after our customers, but our old recruitment process wasn’t working. We weren’t finding the right people for the hours we needed. With PartTimer I can tap into a constant source of great candidates right where they’re hanging out – online. I select a shortlist and then importantly, meet them face-to-face. It’s quick, effective and I don’t have to manage a thing, ” said Barry Morrison, Cinema Complex Manager, Reading Cinema’s Wellington.

Those looking for work can register free with PartTimer. Employers can register and search for candidates at no cost, with a one-off success fee of $9.95 per candidate who accepts a contact request. There is no charge for candidates who decline or don’t respond. Larger companies with more regular recruiting can select a fixed monthly cost of $29.95.

“Customers understandably expect high value before any costs are incurred, which is why we’ve created a system where they can see and select candidates at no charge, with an appropriate fee for successful connection,” said Managing Director, Vivian Morresey.

PartTimer currently has over 3,000 registered part timers and 50 registered companies in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The company will quickly expand to other major New Zealand cities and is researching opportunities in global markets.

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