April 7, 2017

how standard companies should keep motivating their content writers?

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Manohara Raju Makaraju

When any company or organization hire content writers to blog for their company, and write other piece of contents, then it becomes necessary to keep arousing passion, and motivation in them to make them feel satisfied, and to make a learnful journey with a stack of experience.

The purpose of writing this article is to bring those factors and things into limelight which often organizations don’t consider to make them a part of their operation, or somehat a work system.
Following are the few things that i experience in former agencies where i worked as content writer. These are those factors which actually uplift the standard of company professionally, and socially.
The IT system / Portal system
Any company’s portal or IT system is something in which a new employee has to settle themselves. Make them feel a part of your company by making their company id, and password just the day they join your company.

It will make them them passionated, and they might get into high spirits for team work, and stay in contact with their colleagues. Divide the portal system into following categories;

Chat -  Make a portal chat system through which team mates can convey any message or exchange files under strict surveillance of company.

Desktop - The portal desktop to post missives, and to keep update employees regardng gagette holiday, coming event, any new luxury announced, change in policy, or about anny current affairs happening in the office.

The task & performence view  – The major part of company’s portal system is a task area, where employees are assigned with daily tasks. This system shuld be designed in such a a transparent way that enable employees to see their weekly performence, daily tasks, and on which rank they are standing in contrast to their competitors.

For example, the writer’s portal system should include today’s task, their yesturday task points, and editor’ comment. The portal should contain a file downloading system that only their editor can open, proofread, leave a comment, and give daily points.

By doing this, writer’s will gradually feel a personal growth in their profession, as well as will be able to polish their writing skills, and can dig out their hidden skills.
If it’s an outsource company – then It’s upto the manager of team how they manage to divide client’s project into multiple writers.

Rewards & targets

Set a targets, and give reward to writer if they successfully achieve it, like chocolate target, if a writer cross the limit of 150 points, then leave a surprise chocolate in their drawer (its just to explain)

If writers in a team cross the limit of heavy target such as 500 points in a month, then manager is supposed to arrange for cake cutting ceremony, collect all the employees in a room, appraise a winner, and take them for comlimentary lunch.

lunch & other snack criteria

The portal system should include a third option of – make a order – in which employee can order tea, coffee, lunch, or any snack to keep them fresh, and enjoy the perks of being an employee of that company.

Official Trainings & Weekly meetings
Another thing that can boost employee passion and dedication towards their team work is weekly meetings with their managers and CEO.

Collect all employee into a meeting hall, then every manager of a single team should update their CEO about recent updates, what they’ve achieved in a month so far, what help they need, which process is still in the pipeline, and what querries their CEO have to ask regarding multiple projects.

Keep training the new employee at the ides of month to know what procedure they use while working, and what you want. Tell them techniques and ways to search according to your client’s demand
The Office Environment

After this, what matter to keep any employee belonging to any team is friendly and passionate environment. A place where manager and colleagues work together, exchange views, share problems, crack jokes, and participate in conversations just like a teacher get friendly involved with students at a higher school and universities.

If organization expect their employees to be hard wordking, and well skilled in multitasking, then employee also expect in return a little commamoration, encouragement, and incentives to show more dedication for future projects.

Refer & Earn Campaign

Another interesting thing is, organization should offer refer & earm campaign for their employees; if any employee refer someone to work in their company, and convince them; so he/she should get 5 thousand extra cash in their fixed salary – but once at a time.

For me these are the factors that build a long term realtionship of any employee with their organization.

Author Bio: Jimmy Bond is an educator and major in Social Education. He is a freelance writer and has made can you do my assignment valuable contributions to magazines and blogs.

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