August 11, 2017

Simple Steps to Crack JEE Exam 2018

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Manohara Raju Makaraju

One of the major challenges which students of today should overcome is the need to stand out from the rest particularly in case of competitive exams. The JEE exam is such a kind of exam where the focus lies on granting admissions to engineering colleges across the country. Here are some tips which would be helpful for students to crack the exam in the best possible manner.

Dealing with Physics- This is a subject where understanding the concepts is a necessity as aspirants are quizzed by all means on their understanding of core concepts like Electromagnetic waves.  The best tool would be to visualize concepts along with sharp analytical skills.  While studying important topics, shortcut tricks, important formulas and so on should be kept as small notes would help in remembering things learned in a systematic manner.  It would be ideal to practice with challenging question to ramp up the skills in difficult areas. To score well, revisions has to be done in the right manner. The sections that should not be overlooked include magnetism, physics and Optics as they would fetch you the important marks.

Handling Chemistry- In case of this subject, students should rely mostly on standard texts as they are the standard ones which cover the entire syllabus and questions are drawn for the exam from them. Care should be taken on referring lot of books due to the time constraint on preparing for the exam and there are plenty of books available in the market which would mislead students. Priority should be given to both organic and inorganic chemistry as these are the high scoring sections in this subject. To improve speed, aspirants should work well on their numerical skills on a daily basis.

Tackle Mathematics-  This subject is devoted with less time compared to Physics and Chemistry as a lot preparations for this  subject is done while preparing for the board exams. Despite this, students have to be wary against pitfalls in their strategies. Focus should be on key topics like Algebra, vectors and geometry.  If students are able to practice in a well scheduled manner, they would be able to breeze past the odds in the exam. Also students should go through previous year question papers to keep track of the changes or fluctuations in the trend of questions in the exam papers.

From the above discussion, one could say that right knowledge with the right application would help students to crack competitive exams like this. Hence students should focus on channeling their efforts to achieve their goals by clearing this exam.

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