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Welcome to Study Bucket Advertise page, first of all thank you for your interest in our site We’re delighted to be able to offer you direct advertising. Creative positions are available for purchase on this site. This page will have all the information which you require to advertise your product on Study Bucket. If this is your first-visit to this blog, I recommend you to read our Introduction page to know about us, else I have out down important stuff in below Introduction section:

Welcome To Study Bucket: Introduction is the fastest growing and active blog over education, visited daily by thousands of students and online learners. Our aim is to provide quality guidance to students, online learners and educators around the world. This site is being updated regularly with unique quality content being published by best authors.

Note: We accept sponsored reviews on this blog but we'll not give dofollow backlink to sites that you wish to place. So please don't request us to publish sponsored posts or product reviews if you want dofollow link. Due to Google's uncommon penalties our site will get killed if we don't follow their guidelines.

If you want to get your brand in front of thousands of highly targeted potential customers then this is the best website to place your advertisement. And if your target audience are Students, Online Learners and Educators, you’re at the right place to advertise. Our site support animated advertisements so you can put even animated ads. Now we're offering low budget ad placements for our trusted advertisers.

We're always happy to work with you. We’re always welcome you to advertise on our site. And also we're happy to provide you with information about our site such as clickthrough rates, visitor numbers and time spent on our pages. If you’re interested to know then please read below site stats.

Why You Should Advertise Here?

Study Bucket is an active and growing blog. We’ve high targeted traffic as well as good social media presence. This is our latest stats from February 2015 report. We update this stat once in 2 month and if you have any query regarding traffic, you can drop me an Email.

  1. Monthly Unique Visits: 180,000+
  2. Daily Unique Visits: 6,000+
  3. Daily Page views: 8,500+
  4. Who Visits Study Bucket Mostly: Students, Online Learners and Educators
  5. Facebook Fans: 1,770+ and 600+ = 2,370
  6. Feed Subscribers: 823+
  7. Active Newsletter Subscribers: 686+
  8. Published Articles: 385+
  9. Alexa Global Traffic Rank: 191,777
  10. Alexa Rank in India: -20,611
  11. Google Page Rank: 02
  12. Traffic Sources: 86% through most popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
  13. YouTube Channel Subscribers: 590+
  14. Google+ Followers: 300+
  15. Twitter Followers: 1797+

Visitors Engagement Status

  1. Published Comments: 1900+
  2. Bounce Rate: 54.00%
  3. Daily Page views Per Visitor: 1.40
  4. Daily Time on Site: 06:00

Audience Behavior:

  1. All of our audience come for educational guidance, resources, information and news updates.
  2. They seek for resources like admissions, career guidance, technical help, latest news updates and information.

We offer wide range of advertising options and solution to our advertisers and ensure that they get maximum CTR and exposure. Right Now we have Current Advertising Options:

Advertising Options:

  • Total Available Ad Units On this Site: Eight
  • Ad Unit Sizes: 125x125, 468x60 and 300x250
  • Ad Positions: Above the POST and Top Right SIDEBAR
  • Ad Spots Description: Best Spots To Get Maximum Attention From The loyal Readers. High CTR Ad Spots.
  • Estimated Monthly Ad Impressions: 60,000+
  • Estimated Click Through Rate (CTR): 1.24%
  • Starting Price: $9.99 per 30 days (The total price that we want to charge for the whole campaign.)

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Type : Small Square Banner Size

Size : 125px (Width) x 125px (Height)

Position : Appear on top right sidebar

Total Ad Units : 4

Availability : Available

Max Weight : 10 KB

Type of file : HTML, PNG, GIF.

Max. Rotations : 2

Duration & Offer Price : $18 $9.99 Per Month

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Type : Medium Rectangle Size

Size : 300px (Width) x 250px (Height)

Location : Appear on top right sidebar

Total Ad Units : 3

Availability : Available

Max Weight : 15 KB

Type of file : HTML, PNG, GIF.

Max. Rotations : 2

Duration & Special Price : $30 $14.99 Per Month

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Type : Small Banner Size

Size : 468px (Width) x 60px (Height)

Location : Appear on top of the post

Total Ad Units : 2

Availability : Available

Max Weight : 10 KB

Type of file : HTML, PNG, GIF.

Max. Rotations : -NA-

Duration & Offer Price : $20 $19.99 Per Month

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Type : Medium Rectangle Banner Size

Size : 300px (Width) x 250px (Height)

Location : Appear on top right sidebar

Total Ad Units : 2

Availability : Available

Max Weight : 10 KB

Type of file : HTML, PNG, GIF.

Max. Rotations : -NA-

Duration & Offer Price : $90 $39.99 PER 3 MONTHS

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Payment mode: We accept Payment via PAYPAL.

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