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Thanks for your interest in guest posting. If you would like to write for us and want to submit your first guest post on Study Bucket Blog then please feel free to send your request email to with complete genuine details about you like name, website/ blog URL link, valid email, social profile links, links of guest posts that you already published on other blogs and provide information about topic that you want to write or already written for us. Before you proceed to send request email we recommend you to read guest posting quality guidelines and best practices mentioned below and ensure that you have understand all of them. We strongly follow our rules and guidelines. So you also please keep them in mind and follow them to submit your post successfully on our blog. Remember, we'll accept guest posts from only real blog authors and we also accept product promotions through guest posts. If you wish to promote your brand on this site then please visit our advertising page for helpful content.

Guest Posting Quality Guidelines: (Updated On: 20-06-2016)

  • We also accept sponsored reviews on this blog.
  • You must have to comply with Google Webmasters Quality Guidelines. And also read about Google link scheme.
  • We don't accept news blogs, interviews, latest updates and other unwanted content from anyone.
  • Your blog shouldn't contain any content related to adult, illegal, hacking and cracking etc.
  • You should need to have your own blog or website related to our niche education to submit a guest article on our site through this service. If you wants to submit guest post without having any blog or website then you can use our another service called "Student Blogs" (Will Be Available Soon).
  • Your own blog must have already some useful and information-rich content.
  • Your content should need to be fresh and unique.
  • Try to keep your post above 900 words. Post under 800 words will be rejected immediately up on our review. Remember, don't include unnecessary words to keep your post above 900 words and lengthy.
  • The post must be well-formed. Use proper headings and paragraphs to make your post perfect. Try to do your best.
  • Your post must contain at least one relevant copyright free picture and not more than 4.
  • You're allowed to embed only one relevant video on your post if only necessary.
  • Don't copy content of anyone from any source to make your post for us. Make your post with your own unique words.
  • Your post should need to be relevant to our blog niche. So try to write relevant content.
  • More guidelines will be updated time to time. So stay connected to this page.

Note: After publishing your post we reserves the all rights to remove your post from our blog at any time if we found your post or you violating our any of the above given rules or guidelines. We hope these are very easy to follow so let's try to write guest post for us.

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Guest Post Approval Process:

  • After you sending request email to us with your required genuine information mentioned above next our Study Bucket Team will review details that you provided and respond to your email immediately if we think you're satisfied our guidelines otherwise you'll not receive any response from our side.
  • If our team approved you then next we'll ask you to send summary of your guest post with at least 500 words.
  • Next, again our team will review your summary of post and will decide to accept or not.
  • Next you'll receive approval or denial message to your email address once again.
  • If your post is approved successfully then we'll ask you to send your full post with your profile.
  • Finally we will publish your guest post on our blog with proper structure.
  • In case your post is rejected then you can request again after a few months with new post and with exclusive content.

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