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Study Bucket is a international organization for educational development. This is the official toolbar of its website. Install this toolbar to your browser and get almost all recent educational updates around the world. Before installation can proceed you must accept the following End-User License Agreement.

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Toolbar is compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer.
*System Requirements: Firefox: 4.0 and above
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Our unique and extreme toolbar will help you to get all latest educational updates within seconds. For example, if we publish anything new then you'll be able to see that update on our toolbar using advanced feature called RSS Feeds.

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Amazing Features

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  • Keeps you closer to Study Bucket.
  • No Boring: You'll not get any spamming and malware through this toolbar.
  • Global Rank: This fantastic toolbar will provide global traffic rank of any website that you browse.
  • Access Emails: With one time sign-in to your Gmail account you can view all unread email list using our toolbar.
  • Get News: Easily Access Our worldwide education news site directly.
  • Search Anything: Using advanced search feature provided in our toolbar you can easily search pages in our websites.
  • Easy To Install: Just one click installation.

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Upcoming Features

The present version of our toolbar is 2.2 beta and the upcoming version will be 3.0. So in coming days you'll get more unbelievable features and options with our toolbar to feel more comfortable for using our toolbar.


Note: This toolbar is designed and powered by Alexa web information company and strictly copyrighted only to Alexa Internet, Inc. This toolbar is customized by Study Bucket Team and this webpage is made only for promotional purpose so before you download and install this toolbar please read most recently updated Alexa toolbar privacy policy and terms of use carefully and accept the agreement. The Privacy Policy will be updated time to time. So please check out it every time you install our toolbar. If you download and use the Toolbar, you will be bound by the terms of use and the Alexa Privacy Policy.

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Toolbar is compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer.
*System Requirements: Firefox: 4.0 and above

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